Sympathy Messages For Loss Of Mother

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Sympathy Messages For Loss Of MotherWhen faced with the challenge of having to write sympathy messages for loss of mother, most people will struggle with thinking of what to say. This is mainly because you will suddenly realize that you have too much to communicate that you end up not knowing exactly what to say or not to say. It therefore requires some composure and a few tips in order to be able to write the right thing.

You must start by understanding that there are things you should never write in your sympathy message. Many people start with good intentions but end up ruining the message by either saying too much or including certain things that are not appropriate in a sympathy message.

It is, for example, not good to pretend to understand the loss that is being experienced by the family members. This is a relative feeling that you cannot fully understand, even if you have been through a similar experience. Instead, you should simply express how sorry you are about the unfortunate incident and offer your sincere sympathies.

Sympathy messages for loss of mother may be difficult to write for other reasons. There are sometimes instances where the deceased person might have contributed to the circumstances that befell them. In this kind of situation, it is not wise to make mention of the behavior that led to the passing. The condolence is simply intended to console the close family members. Therefore any personal sentiments that you may have harbored against the deceased, or situation leading to their passing, should not be brought forth at this time.

What you should do is let the family members understand that as much as you cannot know exactly how they are feeling about the loss, you are sincerely expressing your sympathy and are willing to help in whatever way possible.

If you are religious, another good gesture is to let the family members and friends understand that you are also saying prayers for them during their trying moments. It will offer some comfort to the family knowing that you are also feeling the loss and compassionate about their situation.

Another option is to include a meaningful verse, hymn, poem or quote with your sympathy message. They are always welcome and can make it far easier for you to express your feelings. It is also advisable to avoid turning the sympathy message into a long letter. It is better to keep the message short and too the point. By writing too much you are more likely to end up saying things that are either not appropriate or necessary for the situation.

In case you are still at a loss over what to say, her are a few sample sympathy messages for loss of mother:

“The memory of your mother will live on in our hearts forever.”
“Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your mother.”
“I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I will never forget the wonderful times I shared with her.”
“Your mother was such an amazing woman and such a pleasure to be around. You have our deepest sympathies. Your mother will truly be missed.”
“My sincere condolences for your loss. May the sorrow that you are feeling in your heart lighten by the love that surrounds you.”


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