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Sympathy Messages For CardsA loved one’s death can be devastating to their family and friends. Offering kind words through sympathy messages for cards may not seem like much, but it will help console the grief faced by friends and family of the deceased. Giving flowers or other gifts is a nice gesture, but sympathy cards are the best way to show that you care for the deceased and their family.  If you are unable to attend the funeral service, sending a sympathy message is even more important. It is a simple gesture that will show that even though you are not there in person, your best wishes go out to the family of the deceased. Your presence will be felt at the service and people will know that you care.

When sending sympathy cards it is important to know when to send them. If you and your family are attending the funeral, you can pass it to the family of the deceased during the event itself. Often the sympathy card will be given with another gift like flowers or a memorial donation. If you cannot make it to the funeral in person, you could ask someone who will be attending the funeral to pass the card and gift on your behalf. This shows that although you cannot make it physically, your spirit and best wishes are there with the family. If you are unable to deliver the gift to the funeral, you should send the sympathy card by mail. Even if the card reaches the family after the funeral service the family members will still appreciate it just as much.

Next you will need to learn about writing sympathy messages for cards. When it comes to writing sympathy messages, it is often hard to find the right words to say. For your reference, examples of sympathy messages for cards can be found below. Look for one that best describes your wishes, personalize the message and then pen the message onto the card.

When writing sympathy messages for cards, keep these simple tips in mind. Keep the message short, express your condolences, write a short story or experience about the deceased and pick a suitable closing sentence for your sympathy message. Common phrases in sympathy messages for cards include:

–        I was very saddened to hear about _____ passing.

–        My heart goes out to you and your family in this time of sadness.

–        I was thankful to have had the opportunity to meet a great person like _____.

–        The memory of _____ will always live on in our hearts for as long as we live.

–        May God’s grace strengthen you in this time of grief.

Remember that in times of grief and loss, sincerity is what is valued most. Friendship and love will be valued more than any gift. Write the sympathy message from the heart and express to the family how you are feeling. Also, set apart some time to spend with the family and friends of the deceased to catch up and show them that you care.

Examples Of Sympathy Messages For Cards

“Try and remain strong during this difficult time. Our entire family is here to provide you any assistance you may need. We will certainly miss _____ a great deal. (He or She) is in our thoughts and prayers.”

“I am very sorry to have learnt about the loss of your (son or daughter). Please take heart as my husband and I together are praying for you to overcome this trying moment. We are here for you day and night for anything you may need. God bless you and your family.”

“Words are not adequate to express my feelings on hearing of the death of your (husband or wife). You and your family are in my prayers. Remember that I am here to support you with anything you may need. I would be happy to get you groceries this week and help with your household chores. I will call you to see when a good time to visit you would be.”

“My sincere condolences for your loss. May the sorrow that you are feeling in your heart lighten by the love that surrounds you. _____ was a wonderful person who was loved by many. He or she will be greatly missed by me and my family.”

“Your mother was such an amazing woman and such a pleasure to be around. She and I were friends for many years and I will miss her dearly. You have my deepest sympathies. Your mother will truly be missed. God bless you and your family.”


Hopefully the examples of sympathy messages for cards above have helped show you how to write your own sympathy message. For more help, read our other articles on writing sympathy messages and example sympathy messages.


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