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Sample Sympathy MessagesEveryone at some point in his or her life will be faced with the unfortunate situation where a loved one is experiencing the pain of a loss. In these circumstances it can help to first review some sample sympathy messages before writing a condolence. This will help you write a touching message that you can send to the family to make them feel a little better during the difficult time they are going through.

There are so many things that one could say in such a difficult situation. A number of them may not be appropriate while others may simply be out of context. It is however important to always try and take some time to reflect on the implication of the words you choose to use when expressing your feelings or empathy to the persons affected.

The choice of a message will also be determined by a number of factors such as the relationship between the sender and the recipient. There are different words that can be exchanged between father and mother, sisters and brothers or friends and relatives. If it is a husband and wife, it is also important to note that the choice of words might be slightly different.

Some people tend to go overboard by trying to assume roles they are not supposed to play. Pretending to understand all that the bereaved are going through is not recommended. We suggest that you express how important the person was and that you cannot comprehend the degree of loss being experienced by the closest people to the deceased. In an effort to give some encouragement to the bereaved family members and friends, you could remind them that the love shared between the deceased and the living family members will forever remain.

We also recommend that you should always try to mention the name of the deceased in the sympathy message. This will customize the message to reflect the exact person to whom you are addressing the message. Leaving it blank without any specific names could make it look like a generic message that you are simply picking to send to anyone in a grieving situation.

Here are a few sample sympathy messages that can be used to express your grief:

“I am very sorry to have learnt about the loss of my (son or daughter) in law. Please take heart as your father and I together are praying for you to overcome this trying moment. We are here for you day and night for anything you may need.”

“Try and be strong as our entire family is here to provide you any assistance throughout this difficult time. We will certainly miss _____ a great deal. (He or She) is in our thoughts and prayers.”

“I am truly saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express my sincere condolences to you and your family on the recent passing of your (mother or father).”

“I cannot comprehend just how devastated you must be feeling for the loss of your (husband or wife). My heart goes out to you, in this difficult time.”

“Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow. You have our full support and please remember that you are not alone. Do not hesitate to call us if you need anything. We are always there for you.”

“We were so sorry to hear about the death of (name). We love you and are thinking about you often these days.”

“Words seem inadequate to express my feelings on hearing of the death of your (husband or wife). My family and myself have you in our prayers and are here to support you with anything you may need.”

The sample sympathy messages above should help you write a heartfelt message. Remember that these are only guidelines and the person you are writing the message to, your relationship, and the situation will dictate exactly what you want to write.


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