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Message Of SympathyOne of the best ways to show that you truly care for a family member or friend that passed away is to attend their funeral to pay your final respects to them. You should also write a simple yet heartfelt message of sympathy for the family of the deceased. Despite its simplicity, a sympathy message will demonstrate how close you were with the deceased and how much you care for them and their loved ones. The family of the deceased will appreciate your kind words and support as they go through a difficult time of sorrow and grief.

Finding and writing the right message of sympathy can be quite a hefty task. Most people do not know how to write a proper condolence message. Others have an idea of what to write but they do not know how to put their thoughts onto paper. This article will help teach you what is included in a message of sympathy and will provide you with a few helpful examples.

You should start by expressing your grief about receiving the news. Writing something simple like “I was surprised to learn about John Doe’s passing” would get the message across. Or, you can provide more details about your reaction to the news, such as “When Uncle Bob called and told me about Aunt Jane’s passing I could not believe it. It is difficult to put in to words the sadness I am feeling.”

The most considerate thing you can do is to offer a helping hand. In your message, you might want to tell the family that you will be by their side to help them go through this period of grief. If you know of any specific needs that the family requires, offer your help in the condolence message. Tell the family you are willing to offer them a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Simple deeds such as bringing them a meal, babysitting their children or looking after a pet will show the family of the deceased how much you really care for them and how much you respect their loved one.

End your message of sympathy with another short note of condolence. For example, you can tell the family that “you will keep them in your prayers” or that “their loved one’s memory will live on in our hearts forever.”

Writing a message of sympathy might seem like a small thing, but if it is written properly, it will mean a lot to the family of the deceased. Always keep in mind that gifts and cards are a nice gesture, but true friendship and love in times of need is the best present you can offer to the family.

Message Of Sympathy Examples

“Try and be strong. Please know that I am here to provide you any assistance you need throughout this difficult time. I will certainly miss _____ a great deal. (He or She) was a wonderful person and will be in my thoughts and prayers.”

“I am very saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express my sincere condolences to you and your family on the recent passing of your (mother or father). (He or She) was an incredible person and will be missed dearly.”

“Words are inadequate to express my feelings on hearing of the death of your (husband or wife). My family and myself have you in our prayers and are here to support you with anything you may need.”

“Words are not enough to express how sorry I feel. I cannot imagine the pain and sadness your family is going through. I pray to God that He will give you the strength you need to overcome the pain you are feeling.”

”I am very sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers during this difficult. I know that nothing can take away the pain that you are feeling right now, but I just want you to know you will always be in my thoughts and I am there for whatever you need.”


Hopefully the message of sympathy examples above have helped show you how to write your own sympathy message. For more help, read our other articles on writing sympathy messages and example sympathy messages.


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