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When you have just heard the news of a friend or family member passing, it would be expected of you to express your condolences by writing sympathy messages. Some people prefer to say it in person while others like to send their condolences in the form of a letter, email or card. However you choose to do this, you should learn about how to write those difficult words in an appropriate manner.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to writing a sympathy message on a card is that you should express your sincerity with the right words. It is not about rich context or colorful words. Showing genuine concern is what is needed to prove that you are also sharing the grief.

These condolence messages are entirely different than any other type of message you will write. You are writing a supportive message to a grieving individual. So you need to be sure to take extra care when putting together the right words. Here are a few examples, read the articles below for additional sample sympathy messages.

If you wish to keep the content of your letter simple, direct, and sympathetic, then you can say you are “sorry for their loss”. Furthermore, you can say, “Please accept my condolences. My prayers and thoughts will be with you as you go through this difficult and sad time. I will be contacting you soon to check how you are.” You may also want to end the note by saying that you will be praying for them.

Additional words that you may want to include in your message can be something positive or memorable that you remember about the deceased person. Mention that you will always be there for the grieved person and express how you felt when you first heard about the death of their family member.

There are also some inappropriate things that you should never mention in a card message. If you have an unfinished business, such as debts owed by the deceases person, it is best to wait until a few weeks or months have passed before bringing up the subject with the other family members. Also, you should not say it was the right time for him or her to go. This comment can be perceived as rude, as you may be suggesting that you knew when it was that person’s time to die, plus you are pointing out the obvious and merely confirming that he or she is dead.

Most people will include comments like “I know how you feel” in their condolence cards or letters. This claim should be avoided, because even if you have gone through a similar experience yourself, you should bear in mind that different people react in different ways to these situations. So even though you are trying to sympathize with the grieving person, it is best not to make such comments.

Nowadays, most people choose to add their sympathy messages online. There are a wide range of services available that allow you to share your memories of the deceased with friends and family members who are living in other parts of the world. This is by far the easiest way to express your thoughts with others.

Below are helpful articles on writing sympathy messages that will help you write messages of sympathy for people you care about.


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