Online Obit: 10 Steps To Create A Beautiful Obituary

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Online ObitAn online obit is a new method of commemorating and honoring the memory of loved ones who have already passed away. This product of modern technology has been increasingly popular these days and serves as a means for families who live far way from one another mourn and help each other grieve online. This article will discuss how to create an online obituary in 10 easy steps.

1) The first step in making an online obit is to find a suitable site for the memorial. There are some people who prefer to use social networking websites such as Facebook so that other people can comment or post their condolences into the account. Other people prefer a dedicated online obit that is more personalized and secure. Online obits typically offer the same commenting and sharing features as social network websites.

2) The next step is to gather all the materials and information that you will need to create the online obit. You can start by scanning pictures or memorabilia, collecting pertinent data about the deceased, or clarify certain information with other relatives.

3) The third step is to make a biography of the departed loved one, whether it is a lengthy or a brief one depends on the taste and preference of the person developing the obit. There are some people who prefer to pour out everything and magnify the significance of the loved one through the words, while some prefer to put pictures and other materials online instead of using words.

4) The next important step in making an on line obit is to organize the manner of presenting or honoring the loved one. You can use a series of photographs, a portrait that links to specific moments in his/her life or simply use a random manner of posting things.

5) Another important aspect on an obituary is to include a picture or a portrait of the deceased person. The photographs are enough to stimulate remembering the person even without words. People who visit the site can also upload pictures of the person which adds to the memorials and helps others in grieving.

6) An important part of an online obituary is the inclusion of tributes in the site. Tributes may be in the form of a eulogy to respect and honor the memory of the departed loved one, or a series of quotations or frequent sayings mentioned by the family member. This could help ease and dissipate the emotions felt by the family members and look back at the life of the person.

7) Aside from texts and photographs of the deceased person, the person who manages the online obit can also include other information such as favorite books, movies or hobbies. At times, these things can evoke more memories than pictures or messages.

8) The inclusion of interactive material such as home movies or other video that relates to the departed can add excitement to the obit, and make the site more appreciated by people.

9) An online guestbook must also be included so that other people who visit the online obit can send their condolences and provide supportive messages to the grieving family.

10) The last step and a crucial aspect of making an obit is on publishing the site and sharing it with friends and family. Most dedicated online obituaries will have integrated sharing tools which allow you to share the obit by email and on popular social networking websites.

The lifespan of the online obit depends on the family and which package they choose. Obituaries at Your Tribute all remain online permanently, regardless of wether or not you choose a free or paid package.


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