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Obituary Guest BookHaving a free online obituary guest book will allow family and friends to share unlimited condolences from anywhere in the world at any time.

There are many things that you and other people can do with the obituary guestbook. In this digital age, you should feel lucky that you can now memorialize deceased loved ones so easily through the Internet. With Your Tribute you can make a guest book for your loved one for free, and moreover, you can keep the obituary guestbook there for as long as the website is active without paying additional fees. All of the information that you and others enter is always backed up every day, so it won’t disappear.

How can an online obituary guest book help you, your family, your friends, and other people who are related to the deceased person? First, you can place the deceased person’s life story on the obituary guestbook, along with important details about his or her life. Such details include important dates, trivia about the person, history, places that the person has visited, and much more. You can also place a picture of the deceased person if you feel like doing it.

The online obituary guest book also has other uses. It allows others to write down comments, memories, or thoughts regarding the deceased person so that everyone will be made aware of their achievements as well as reminisce about good times together. One good thing about the online obituary guestbook is that if you are the administrator (or one of the administrators), you will have control over the content that goes in the guestbook. You will receive information about the messages that appear in the guest book and you can delete any of them at your discretion. That means that you have plenty of control over the privacy of the guest book.

You can also announce events that are related to the memorial. That includes anniversaries, birthday parties (yes, there are still people who celebrate the birthday parties of the deceased!), and so on. You can indicate the details of the event. You can make known to others whether the event is private or public and you can choose who to invite. You can ask for others’ preferences regarding meals. The guest book allows you to make a stylish invitation to any event and then E-mail your invite to others.

There are many other capabilities that an online obituary guest book can provide you with. You can make a photo album and then add or remove pictures as you wish. Other people can also add photos (and it is your responsibility to screen the photos). It is also possible for anyone to give free gifts to the deceased, though they will come in virtual form. All of which is still highly appreciated. Finally, it is possible to add as many videos as you want to an online guest book!

With advanced technology and free online obituary guest books from Your Tribute, memorializing a loved one is easy to do. Click here to learn more about Your Tribute and online guest books.


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