Obituaries Online Free: A Popular Choice

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Obituaries Online FreeServices that offer obituaries online free have increased in number and more people are choosing them to remember departed friends and family. There are advantages offered by obituaries online; such as the ease of access, the highly advanced and beautiful look they offer, their ability to connect people from one part of the globe to another, and the fact that they can facilitate the grieving process among those who are left behind.

If you decide to create obituaries online free, there are certain features that should be included with the obit. First and most important is the obituary itself. The obit is a formal announcement or notice telling about the death of a person which is often accompanied by a brief account of the deceased person’s life. Make sure that the website allows you to post the full obituary and it isn’t limited in word count. For details on how to write the obituary and what should be included please read our Obituary Online Guide.

Next, it is important that you can personalize the obituary. You should be able to include the person’s photo, name, location of death, date of birth, date of death and age of the departed loved one. Also, you will want to choose a theme for the obituary website that reflects the personality or interests of the person who passed away.

Another important detail that is almost always looked for in obituaries online free is a guestbook for receiving condolences. The guestbook allows friends, family, coworkers and other people who knew the departed person to write condolences and leave memories. Look for obituaries online that allow unlimited guestbook messages. Some obituaries will also allow the people who post messages to upload their photo and complete a profile which is a nice touch and makes the obituary more personalized.

Some online services will allow you to post information on funeral related events. This includes the place and date of viewing the person, the time and cemetery where the person is going to be buried, as well as other memorial details. Some of this information may be included in the obituary itself, but it is helpful if the online obituary has a section where you can add more detailed information about the funeral service and other events.

Photos and videos can also be added to the obits. Typically obituaries online free do not include these options or they are very limited. However, there are a lot of online services, including Your Tribute, that will allow you and the visitors to the obituary to share photos and videos for a small fee.

When creating obituaries online free for loved ones you should also consider the length of time the obituary will remain online. Be sure that you are not signing up for a free trial or the obituary is limited to a certain time online. Be sure to choose obituaries online that are permanent. The benefit of placing the obit online is that you are creating a permanent record of your loved one’s life that will remain online for generations of people to see.


| Your Tribute Founder

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