Obituaries On-Line: 8 Reasons Why To Create Them

| Your Tribute Founder

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Obituaries On-LineObituaries on-line have become the twenty first century solution to the relative lack of interaction in obituaries printed in the newspaper. The growing use and popularity of online memorials has become widespread especially with the new technologies being more accessible and within a hand’s reach. This article will talk about some of the reasons people create obituaries on-line.

1) Appearance – The most common reason is that obituaries on-line look far better than those printed in newspapers. Choices of colors, themes, backgrounds and a variety of font styles can be used in web-based obits to make them more personalized.

2) Sharing – Another advantage of obituaries on-line is that they can be shared with anyone at any part of the globe with Internet access. Unlike obits in newspapers which are limited to a local area, the URL of the online obit can be posted in your social network account and at the same time you can even link the website of the newspaper obit in the online version.

3) Ease of Creation – Online obituaries have become less time-consuming to make. You no longer need to know HTML, web design and graphic design to create obituaries on-line. There are many online services available for making an obit quickly and easily. Obituaries on-line give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions for making a personalized page for your loved one.

4) Ease of Access – The ease of access offered by these online obits allow people who knew the departed one, yet were unable to attend the funeral, to visit the obit to comment and show their sympathy to the bereaved family members. Typically the obits are available publicly and can be searched online so they can be found by anyone (some websites, such as Your Tribute, allow you to make the obit private if desired).

5) Helps Grieve – The obituaries on-line can provide the family members a sense of fulfillment when other people talk about the achievements and good memories of the departed loved one. Hearing stories from relatives and friends who knew the deceased helps in the grieving process. It also helps learn new information you may not have previously known about your loved one.

6) Security – Obits online are more secure in handling the pictures, messages of family members and stories about the loved one compared to printed or written notes. The obituaries on-line are backed up frequently and are not at the same risk of being lost or damaged as physical records.

7) Interaction – The online obituaries are more interactive than the printed versions since they allow the visitors to send virtual gifts, leave condolences and upload photos and videos. Visitors to the obituary can also invite other friends of the departed person to interact and contribute to the memorial. The obituary can help friends and family of the deceased connect, share memories and offer support for one another.

8) Permanent – Traditional print obituaries run for a single day. Obituaries on-line last weeks to years. Your Tribute hosts all obits permanently creating a permanent online record of your loved one’s life.

There are actually a lot more reasons for people to choose obituaries on-line but these are the most common and some of the best reasons to make that choice.


| Your Tribute Founder

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