Obits Online Versus Traditional Obituaries

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Obits OnlineWhile many individuals now prefer to create obits online, there remains a need for newspaper announcements to those family, friends and others in the community which may want to be aware of the loss. So, while placing obits online is often a standard practice, those placing such listings may also wish to include one in the local community newspaper. For, while there are a number of people who now use computers and are online, there are still others who may never know of such passing unless such announcement is also included in local listings.

In addition, while online obituaries often allow a great deal of space, either as a free or paid service, individuals often create the online memorial, then run a shorter version in local papers. In doing so, one can assure that as many people as possible know of your loved one’s passing.

Of course, there may also be circumstances in which enhanced traditional obituaries are required, such for State leaders, prominent business people, entertainers and others. Therefore, those placing the obituary need to consider what type of information to include. Often more prominent individuals require more than a sentence or two.

In fact, as such individuals are often well known in the community, there are often additional candlelight vigils and other services associated with same. However, whether or not one desires to photograph such services to place pictorials on an online obituary can often be a rather difficult decision. Although, in most cases, those who knew the dearly departed often appreciate seeing these pictures, especially when they can not make it to a funeral, memorial or vigil related to the individual. Being able to share these photos over the internet is a benefit of also placing obits online.

When a loved one passes away families should meet together more than once to determine the best way to handle the passing and remembrance of the person. In fact, while some families may desire one type of service, other may demand another. So, depending on the family, this can often get quite complicated when there are differing opinions related to the memorials. Even if the family members have have different desires, they typically agree on the need to placing obits online.

When an individual desires to create an online memorial to a lost family member, friend or associate, one can often do so free of charge. Obits online are easy to create and can be setup and administered by any of the family members.

Families should consider having a guestbook on the obituary website. The guestbook will allow those friends and family to share memories. Also, people who may not have known for quite some time that the individual had passed still have a place to go and say goodbye. Obit online now given more people the ability to say goodbye to loved ones than ever before in history. While there remains a place for traditional obituaries in print, online listings now have a more significant purpose.

To this end, while placing obits online may be something new and different, it is the only way many individuals learn about the death of others. For, there are many areas of the world in which now print versions of various newspapers are obsolete. If you live in an area which still provides printed copy of news, you should still consider placing a short version of the obituary in the newspaper. While most individuals have access to obits online, those without computer access often have no knowledge when it comes to the passing of others.


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