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V Scroll down to view our collection of articles that will help you create online obituaries. Online obituaries are digital notices of a death that often include a brief biography of the deceased, funeral service information and condolences. Learn more about the following online obituary topics and much more:

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An obituary is a notice of death that is typically published in a local newspaper. It normally includes a brief summary of the person’s life and a list of family members still living. There is also normally mention made of the funeral arrangements. This is important because it is sometimes the only notice that friends receive of one’s passing. One can also publish online obituaries that are maintained permanently.

Family members commonly keep a copy of the published obituary with the guest book from the funeral or memorial service. Copies are usually included in the memorial notices given to those in attendance at the memorial service for their own remembrances.

Online obituaries on the Web take this a step farther. They allow a person to publish the notice of a loved one’s death on the Web using a private page that can be shared with family and friends. This creates a permanent record that can never be lost and that can be viewed any time a person desires.

The URL for the online obituary can be shared with family and friends who might not have been able to attend the memorial. It can also be shared easily by providing a link on one’s Facebook page or Twitter feed. In fact, these internet obituaries are designed for ease of sharing via social networking.

In addition to publishing the memorial for friends and family to see, the Web makes it possible for family and friends to share their own stories and memories of the deceased. This allows the online obituary to grow into a true memorial for the person. Therefore, interested parties can see more than just the official obituary as published in the newspapers.

Over time, one could also decide to upgrade from just an online obituary to a full memorial website. This can be done easily and inexpensively. This move would make it possible for extended family and close friends to share their own photos, memories, stories, and more. Such a tribute would be an excellent way to honor someone who has passed.

Online obituaries can be more extensive than those death notices normally seen in the paper. Family members can memorialize the deceased in the manner they see fit and tell as much of the person’s life story as they want. They are a permanent record that can never be lost, making it easier for those who wish to remember their dear departed ones. They are also easier to share with those who are interested but live too far away to be able to attend the funeral.

Below are helpful online obituary articles that will help you write and create online obituaries for your loved ones.


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