Printable Obituary Templates

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Printable Obituary Templates

Printable obituary templates make the process of writing an obituary easy. Simply print an obituary template and fill in the required fields. If you have lost a loved one and are in the unfortunate situation of having to write their obituary, this will make the process less stressful and far easier.

Start by taking time to collect your thoughts and write down some topics on a piece of paper. Next, read a sample obituary to see what information is typically included in an obituary. After you know what information you need, you will need to interview other family members and friends of the deceased. They will be able to give you facts you may be missing and share their own stories and memories. After you have collected this information, sort it by topic.

After you have collected the information download a printable obituary template and fill in the sections with the information you collected. You should have more than enough information, but if you are still missing key facts you may need to talk to additional family members.

The next step is to take another version of the template and rewrite the obituary in a more concise form. The obituary has certain information that is required, but shouldn’t go into too much detail on the person’s life. Include some key facts, but don’t write stories or going into too much detail. Save the detailed information for a eulogy or online memorial tribute. If you need more help, we suggest that you read our articles on writing obituaries or view some of our example obituaries.




Printable Obituary Template 01PRINTABLE OBITUARY TEMPLATE 01

The first template is shorter in length. It follows the format: death announcement, funeral service, birth/hometown, education, marriage, career, hobbies/interests, survivors, predeceased, memorial donations and final words.

Word: Printable-Obituary-Template-01.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Printable-Obituary-Template-01.pdf (Printable)



Printable Obituary Template 02PRINTABLE OBITUARY TEMPLATE 02

The second template is medium size in length. It follows the format: death announcement, predeceased, survivors, birth/hometown, education, career, hobbies/interests, funeral service, memorial donations, condolences.

Word: Printable-Obituary-Template-02.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Printable-Obituary-Template-02.pdf (Printable)










Printable Obituary Template 03PRINTABLE OBITUARY TEMPLATE 03

The third template is medium size in length. It follows the format: death announcement, funeral service, birth/hometown, education, career, hobbies/interest, awards, predeceased, survivors, memorial donations, condolences, final words.

Word: Printable-Obituary-Template-03.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Printable-Obituary-Template-03.pdf (Printable)



Printable Obituary Template 04PRINTABLE OBITUARY TEMPLATE 04

The fourth template is longer in length. It follows the format: death announcement, birth/hometown, education, military, career, marriage, hobbies/interests. awards, predeceased, survivors, funeral service, memorial donations, condolences.

Word: Printable-Obituary-Template-04.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Printable-Obituary-Template-04.pdf (Printable)



The printable obituary templates above will help you produce a well-written and properly structured obituary. If you are still having difficulty writing the obituary, we suggest you view our sample obituaries or read our guides on writing an obituary.


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