Common Obituary Formats (Downloadable)

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Obituary Formats

When writing an obituary for someone you love that has passed away it is helpful to use one of the common obituary formats provided below. Templates like these are important because they will not only guarantee that the obituary is formatted correctly, but will also ensure that you include the correct information.

Start by printing one (or all) of the obituary formats below. Afterwards, gather the information by talking with friends and family of the departed. The funeral home handling the arrangements will also be able to help with collecting the information.

The beginning of the obituary, which is the death notice, is required and important because it announces the death. There is far more leeway as to what you include in the remainder of the obituary. Typically you will want to give a brief overview of the person’s life and accomplishments. Write about where they were born, their education, career, hobbies and interests. You will also likely want to include information about the funeral service, unless it is a private event.  Finally, include the family that predeceased and survived the individual in death.

After you have collected the information and filled the template it is time to write the obit. Write the obituary in the same order as the template. If you are unsure exactly how to word the obituary, we recommend viewing our sample obituaries or using one of our fillable obituary templates.



Obituary Format 01


The first obituary format organizes the obit in the following order: Death Announcement, Parents, Education, Military, Marriage, Career, Hobbies, Survivors, Predeceased, Funeral Service, Visitation, Donations and Closing Words.

Word: Obituary-Format-01.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Obituary-Format-01.pdf (Printable)



Obituary Format 02


The second obituary format separates the obit into five sections: 1) Death Announcement, 2) Life (birth, education, hobbies, memberships, etc.), 3) Predeceased, 4) Survivors (family), 5) Closing (pallbearers, memorial donations, funeral home, condolences).

Word: Obituary-Format-02.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Obituary-Format-02.pdf (Printable)



Obituary Format 03


The third obituary format separates the obit into five sections: 1) Death Announcement, 2) Life (birth, marriage, education, career, hobbies, etc.), 3) Family (survivors, predeceased), 4) Funeral (funeral service, etc.), 5) Closing (memorial donations, thank you, closing words).

Word: Obituary-Format-03.doc (Fillable and Printable)

PDF: Obituary-Format-03.pdf (Printable)



If you have downloaded one of the obituary formats above, you are on your way to writing a beautiful obituary for your loved one. If you are still having difficulty writing the obituary, we recommend that you view our sample obituaries, other obituary templates or obituary writing guides.


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