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How To Write ObituariesWhile often anyone associated with the deceased can be responsible for writing an obituary, when you want to write obituaries that shine, it is often good to select someone who knows how to write obituaries. You could ask a friend or family member who has written an obituary before, or a funeral director who is trained on how to write obituaries. If you are writing the obituary yourself, this article (and other articles on this website) can help.

While you may want to commemorate all the honors in life which one achieved or received, it is important to only cover the main achievements. It can also help to speak to other individuals who can remember other aspects of the individual’s life. When writing the obituary, it is often good to be as sensible as possible, especially when it comes to relationships the deceased may have had with others.

Depending on the method in which your loved one passed, you may want to consider whether or not to include this information. While most often it is good to let others know how one passed, it is not always necessary or appropriate to list this information in the obituary.

In addition, as you can now create online obituaries and memorial websites honoring the individual, it is often good to include these links in the obituary. Learning how to write obituaries for the internet is no different except that you can include far more information. While a short obituary can often allow one insight into the individual, a memorial website can offer a great deal more information. That is why these online obituaries and personalized memorial websites have become quite popular over the years.

It is still important to continue placing obituaries in local newspapers. For, while at times it may appear as if everyone in the world has a smart phone or computer, this is not always the case. Of course, this is even more so when it comes to the aging and elderly population. For, while some older individuals have decided to participate in these new areas of technologies, others still hold on to the hope of being able to read obituary listings in local papers. Otherwise, one may never know that a close friend or relative has passed.

So, to assure that news of the passing reaches as many friends, community members and family as possible, it is often good to create both an online obituary as well as a printed obituary in the local newspaper. You should also consider writing two versions of the obituary, a smaller one for print and larger one for online.

To conclude, when thinking of how to write obituaries it is important that you speak to family and friends closest to the departed. Ask for any important milestones and achievements they know of. Also ask them to share any significant stories they may have. Even though you typically don’t have room to include personal stories in the obituary, it will help you learn more about the person. These stories can also be shared on the online memorial website. For more information on how to write obituaries we suggest you view one of the sample obituary templates on our website.


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