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How To Write An Obituary TemplateA how to write obituary template will make writing an obituary easy. Download the template, replace the fields in red, then you will have a properly formatted obituary.

Before you begin writing the obituary you will need to gather certain facts about the deceased. Write the following topics on a piece of paper: childhood, education, career, marriage, hobbies, accomplishments, organizations, family, funeral service, other important details. Next, fill in as much information as you can, then contact friends and family members for help collecting more information.

After you have gathered enough information, download the obituary template below. Next, read the sample obituary at the bottom of the page to see what a completed obituary looks like. Then, use the information you collected to fill in the template you downloaded. If you need additional help learning how to write an obituary, read our other obituary writing articles.


INSTRUCTIONS: Replace all of the items in RED below with the appropriate information.

[Full name][age], passed away on [date] at [location] in [city, state][He/she] was born on [date] in [city, state] to [father name] and [mother name] [parent’s last name].

[First name] grew up in [city, state][He/she] graduated from [high school name] in [city, state] in [grad year]. After high school [he/she] attended [post-secondary school] at [name of school] in [city, state] where [he/she] received a [certification] in [achievement]. [He/she] worked for [company name] as a [occupation] where [he/she] worked for [#] years.

[First name] married [spouse’s name] in [year] in [city, state]. They were happily married for [#] years. [First name] was a member of [organizations][He/she] enjoyed [hobbies and interests][He/she] also received [awards].

[First name] is survived by [his/her] spouse [first name] of [city, state][his/her] [children, siblings, grandchildren, etc.] of [city, state]; and [his/her] nieces and nephews and other relatives.

[First name] was preceded in death by [his/her] [names of parents, siblings, and children].

A funeral service will be held at [funeral home name] [address] at [time, date]. A visitation will be held at [location] [address] at [time, date]. The family will be greeting friends and relatives at [time, date]. Burial will follow the funeral at [name of cemetery].

In lieu of flowers the family requests memorial donations be made to [organization name, mailing address]. Condolences may be left on [full name’s] online guest book at [URL].




Sample Obituary


Dorothy Elizabeth Henderson, 87, passed away on April 19, 2012 at her home in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born on January 15, 1925 in Savannah, Georgia to Frank and Susan Ward.

Dorothy grew up in Savannah, Georgia. She graduated from Savannah High School in Savannah, Georgia in 1942. After high school she attended the university of Georgia where she received a degree in education. She worked for Atlanta City Secondary School as a Science Teacher where she worked for 40 years.

Dorothy married Martin in 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. They were happily married for 47 years. Dorothy was a member of St. Patrick’s United Church. She enjoyed gardening, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family.

Dorothy is survived by her son Alex of Atlanta, Georgia; her daughter Julie (Matt) Williams of Atlanta, Georgia; her grandchild Susie; and her nieces and nephews and other relatives.

Dorothy was preceded in death by her parents Frank and Susan; her husband Martin; and her sister Susanne.

A funeral service will be held at Collins Family Funeral Home 243 West 1st Street, Atlanta, Georgia 00000 at 10:00am, April 21, 2012. A visitation will be held at Collins Family Funeral Home Garden Chapel at 7:00pm, April 20, 2012. Burial will follow the funeral at Whispering Pines Cemetery at 3:00pm.

In lieu of flowers the family requests memorial donations be made to St. Patrick’s united Church, 555 North 15th Street, Atlanta, Georgia 00000. Condolences may be left on Dorothy’s online guest book at


Using the how to write an obituary template should be all you need to write a beautiful obituary. However, if you need additional help we suggest that you view more of our completed obituary samples, or read our other articles on writing an obituary.


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