How to Write A Obituary For A Loved One

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How To Write A ObituaryYou may have come across this site because you have a loved one who has passed away and wanted to know how to write a obituary. We are aware that you may not feel comfortable about what you are doing and you may feel unsure about what to write or include in he obituary. However, you must understand that knowing how to write a obituary very well makes you honor the memory of your dearly departed loved one. This article will provide you a guide on how to write a obituary for a newspaper.

The first and an important consideration on how to write a obituary is assessing the budget needed for the obituary. Even if we want to write a lot of things and honor the memory of the beloved one, financial constraints may limit us. We have to be aware that there are newspapers that ask payment per inch or per column of the paper, so that the one can tailor the obit article within these limits, and give an idea of how much one writes. The newspaper companies will also give you the deadline and the date where it will be printed in the paper. We recommend writing a short obituary that will be printed in the newspaper and write a longer detailed obituary that you can use on an online memorial.

The next thing that must be considered in how to write a obituary is what to include in the obituary. One must gather the pertinent information first even if this means that one has to contact a lot of people. The basic contents of an obituary includes the complete name of the deceased, the maiden name for married women; the age and/or the birth date as well as the current city/state where the person was residing until he or she passed away. Knowing the complete details of the wake as well as the interment is an important step on how to write a obituary since it must be included in the obit in order for people to know where the burial or the viewing takes place. The name of the spouse if alive, as well as the children, grandchildren or other family; schools attended or place of employment as well as the cause of death (which is often excluded) can also be included in the obituary.

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Here is a sample of a short obituary:

“John Doe, age 70 from New York City has joined the presence of our Lord this February 29, 2008, at his house in Brooklyn. He was born on the 29th of February, year 1938 at the same place where he grew up and had his family.

He attended the Brooklyn High School, and continued his studies at Princeton University where he took a degree in Economics. He graduated in 1960 with flying colors and has become an amazing teacher from the same institution. He has helped in molding a lot of his students to develop a love and passion for economic studies.

After retirement, he enjoyed watching television and playing Scrabble with his children. He was a great father and friend to his children, nephews and nieces.

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