The Role a Stonemason Plays in Selecting a Memorial

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Stonemasons play an integral role in the process of creating and selecting a memorial for loved ones that have passed away, yet their role is often under appreciated. Stonemasonry has come a long way since the medieval ages and the craft of shaping and working with stone is an increasingly specialized and niche skill in today’s world.

Within the context of the production of memorials, stonemasons are an invaluable resource to consult when you need help selecting memorials for a deceased family member, pet, or friend. Here are just some areas of expertise that they can share with you to guide you along the process of crafting a memorial.

Cemetery Guidelines

Some cemeteries may have different guidelines when it comes to displaying a memorial. It’s best to talk to the organization that managed the cemetery to better understand the different restrictions and regulations when it comes to erecting memorials. A local stonemason should be well versed with each nearby cemetery’s standards; as well as specifications for memorials, and will be able to guide you along the process and paperwork required.

Types of Memorials

Memorials are usually categorized as: bronze/brass/granite plaques; granite or marble headstones; or a full monument. Keep in mind that these types of memorials will need to be taken into consideration before buying a burial site. For example, a granite plaque may be used for a cremation memorial, while a marble headstone is usually best placed upright in a lawn setting. Talk to your chosen stonemason about the different types of memorials, to know which monument is best for which burial site as well as the different materials and their ability to weather the elements.

Memorials Prices

The fee for building memorials will vary depending on the materials needed for the structure. For example, some granite memorials will be more expensive than other memorial types. The stonemason can offer advice and tailor a memorial to suit your budget, taking into account the size, inscriptions, and type of materials used.

Building a memorial is an intimate gesture that you can perform for departed loved ones. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during your time of grief, it’s best to speak with qualified stonemasons such as Astral Stone to learn more about selecting memorials. Done correctly, memorials are one of the best tributes and reminders that though the departed may be gone, they are never forgotten.


| End-of-Life Resources

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