The Personal Tribute of Memorial Benches

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The Personal Tribute of Memorial BenchesQuite often, when a loved one passes away, there remains a desire to remember them and everything for which they stood. There are many ways that people go about achieving this and they all bring comfort, especially in those first few months after a special person has left us.

For some, the urn on the fireplace provides a constant commemoration of memories and special times. Others prefer to bury their friends and relatives with top of the range headstones and specially inscribed messages. These are of course, the two most common and popular ways of dealing with grief. They incorporate the body and are therefore somewhat essential.

There are several other unconventional means of ensuring that the spirit of our loved ones lives forever. Each of these will be unique and sentimental to different people. Everything from statuettes and murals to charity donations and shrines are used around the world.

Perhaps one of the most personal methods of remembrance is a memorial bench. Not only do they provide a lasting reminder of the life and times of an extraordinary individual or group, they can be placed and installed in sentimental places. This could be in the garden, where you’d spend the summer hours with a lemonade; in the park, the place you used to walk in hand in hand; or anywhere else that holds some form of significance.

Memorial benches offer an almost unlimited canvas to really be unique. It isn’t very often – if at all – you will find two the same. With so many personalisation options, you can be sure that everybody can sit, reminisce and pay their respects.

1. Colour

Colour will always stand out. Whether that is the traditional brown wooden look, or a more bright and unconventional red, blue or yellow, it is the first thing that people are going to see. A lot of people prefer the natural teak effect but that’s not to say that you can’t be as creative as you like. This bench is a celebration of life and a new coat of paint can reflect personality – especially if it is your loved one’s favourite colour. If you do plan on painting, make sure that you use a paint that is suitable and will not take away from the integrity of the bench.

2. Engraving

An everlasting memo can be added to a memorial bench. Simply by adding a plaque, an affectionate message can be attached. This can be a heartfelt goodbye, details of the person to whom the bench is dedicated or even an invitation for others to come and sit. It is also possible to engrave into the wood of the bench rather than a plaque if that is preferred.

3. Accessories

Maybe not such a good idea if your tribute is placed in a public place where you can’t easily remove them if the weather turns. You could though, if desired, add cushions or decorations to memorial benches. It could be favourite pillows or even seasonal decorations such as bunting or tinsel.

4. Personality

You can add a real sense of charm and identity to a memorial bench. Any trait that your loved one possessed could be integrated. Just about anything could be done to emit exuberance, even having a bench wear socks!


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