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Gravestone serve to identify the graves of loved ones buried in the cemetery. Usually, they have written information of the person who died, being their name, date of birth and death. You can also add some personal information, some thoughts or quotes.

The gravestones are part of the mourning process which are helpful to deal with loss. They are memorials where the families of the deceased can pay homage. Gravestones not only have an emotional side, they also represent a rich source of information for historians and also known as tombstone or headstone.

Materials used to built gravestones

Generally gravestones are constructed of granite, marble or bronze, and sometimes a combination of all the materials. When constructed with granite, they may have a gray, pink, black or brown color. The recordings that are made can be done in different types and styles that depends on the family.

Likewise, they can have a rectangular shape which is classic until they have sculptures. And when it comes to flat gravestones, they can have engraved flower vases.

Gravestones for all types of burial

The common thing is to use gravestones for traditional burials, when the coffin is buried. But gravestones are also important when it comes to burying the ashes of a relative. The ashes also occupy a place in the cemetery, and the remains of the person occupy a place in the hearts of his family and friends, which is why the importance that the buried ashes also have their tombstones.

When it comes to celebrities, it is common to make elaborate and meaningful gravestones. This can be done in some private space, where only the family and closest friends know where the main tomb is. This for fear someone might banalize it, or some worse things.

Finally, make sure you get a gravestone that bears honor and express your affection to the family member who has left. If the deceased has left instructions on a gravestone, they must be respected; If not, as a family they can choose the one that suits them best.

Usually these gravestones are flush with the ground, which facilitates the maintenance of space. Of course, the design options of these gravestones are varied.

  • Vertical Gravestone: It is traditional in cemeteries and consists of two parts: the top and a base.


  • Tilted stone: It consists of two parts. Usually the front that is inclined, and a back also inclined and placed in a base of granite or cement. It is also short and thick. Usually, this type of gravestone is used within a family plot.


  • Tombstone Ledger: This is a thick mist that covers the entire tomb. In the same way, it can be used for some other gravestone with commemorative monuments. This stone can be made of: granite, marble, or sandstone.


  • Bevelstone: The angle of this gravestone is less pronounced than the inclined marker headstones. The back of the gravestone is higher than the front; Therefore, it may have a similar figure to the flat headstone. But the difference is that the bevelled stone is placed several centimeters above the ground.


Buying a Gravestone

Gravestones can be bought in the same graveyard, and in funeral homes, even if you have a funeral insurance , the gravestone may be included. They can also be purchased from retailers or even online. The best thing to do is to ask the cemetery if they charge extra for installing a gravestone that was not bought in the cemetery.

The price of the gravestones depends on the weight of the same, reason why, if this is very heavy, its price will rise. Be sure to ask the cemetery if you have any requirements on shape, style or size of gravestones allowed within your facility. It is better to know if the cemetery has some rules in this subject, before making the purchase.

Gravestone Porcelain & Refurbishment

Gravestones can have personalised photographs of your loved ones over ceramic porcelains. These are the popular shapes available of porcelains.

  • Oval Porcelain
  • Decorative Oval Porcelain
  • Scroll Porcelain
  • Book Porcelain – available with a ‘page’ with an inscription
  • Heart Porcelain

You can choose from several sizes as well.

Gravestone’s wordings or design gets damaged or degrade over time. Our skilled team is experienced in repairing the design and wording with great care.

Feel free to place a customized order for gravestones in Auckland region at Sanctuary Memorials.


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