Common Headstone Inscriptions

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Headstone InscriptionsHeadstone inscriptions give more life and meaning to an ordinary gravestone. Many headstones carry only the name, birth date and date of death of the one buried where it stands. Whereas more personalized headstones also have a message about the departed loved one, which creates a permanent tribute to them. Often, the inscription is chosen because it describe the dearly departed person. The inscription gives a chance for those who were left behind to say one last thing to memorialize the person who has passed. While typically these inscriptions are prayers and quotes, many people choose to write a personalized message.

Some of the most common headstone inscriptions have the words “in loving memory”, “rest in peace”’ or “forever in our hearts”. These common headstone sayings are found on thousands of gravestones around the world. Although these words have been used before, it does not mean that their message means any less. All of the inscriptions that are placed on gravestones are used to honor and further commemorate the dead.

The following are some of the most common headstone inscriptions. They are often used to describe the life that the departed once lived, or they can show how much the departed person’s family loves him or her.

Common Headstone Inscriptions

In memoriam
In memory of
In everlasting memory of
In loving memory of
In the memory of
With love we remember
We remember with love
Loving memories last forever
Fond memories of
In remembrance of
Cherished memories of
Sacred to the memory of
Rest in peace
Precious memories of
We love you always
Love lives on
Forever in our hearts
Always in our hearts
Gone but not forgotten
In God’s care

Other common headstone inscriptions are based on religious quotes or sayings. Religious quotes often express that the departed was deeply rooted in faith but also, that those left behind believe that death is not the end.

Sayings and Religious Headstone Inscriptions

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever
How beautiful life was to me
We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace
Forever young, forever in our hearts
Gone from home but not from our hearts
May you find comfort in the arms of an angel
Generous of heart, constant of faith
May God be with you and comfort you
All things to the glory of God
Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal

Headstone inscriptions are important because they are one of the last messages that we leave for our loved one. The message will live on for eternity and show your love for the person to whoever visits the headstone. The words that are inscribed on headstones show the love that is given to the one who has departed, and equally, the love that he or she shared when alive. Headstone inscriptions are typically short sayings, religious quotes, or other messages from the family. The common headstone inscriptions above will help you choose the perfect inscription to leave on your departed loved one’s gravestone.


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