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Monuments are some of the most important funeral products that you should consider if you want to create a permanent memorial in tribute to a loved one. Often families will erect one or more monuments to honor a deceased person. There are a number of different types of monuments that can be created and locations where they can be placed. However, monuments that are placed in a cemetery are by far the most common type of monument. The monument articles below will help you choose a headstone, grave marker, or other monument for a loved one.

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The Personal Tribute of Memorial Benches No Comments

Quite often, when a loved one passes away, there remains a desire to remember them and everything for which they stood. There are many ways that people go about achieving this and they all bring comfort, especially in those first few months after a special person has left us. For some, the urn on the fireplace provides a constant commemoration of memories and special times…

Choosing a Memorial Headstone: Advice and Inspiration No Comments

What words should I put on a headstone? What carvings could I include? What stone should I use? I make hand carved memorials, and I am asked these questions on a daily basis. Choosing a memorial can be a great source of anxiety and stress for the bereaved. On the other hand, if you take your time and do not hurry…