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Web MemorialBuilding a web memorial to share memories of a loved one is now common. In the past, people posted obituaries in the dailies, and wrote eulogies for the dead in the newspaper. People came together for funerals and shared stories face to face. People brought pictures to show each other and recounted stories about the deceased the old-fashioned way. But this is the 21st century, the age of digital innovations, when personal interactions and face to face meetings are replaced by digital connections and online chats. Newspaper obituaries are outdated, today people share their grief online. They flock to social networking sites and create web memorial pages to remember their loved ones.

Remember when bereaved members of a family had to call everyone personally to tell them the details of the funeral service instead of posting the details online? That was a long time ago. Now, building a web memorial allows families to send RSVP invitations for the funeral service through social networking sites. Busy persons and those who are unable to make the funeral can also choose to drop by the online memorial page and leave their condolences.

Watch a picture slideshow or a video, enter comments in the guestbook, share virtual gifts with visitors, interact in social networking sites – all these are features of memorial pages. Today more and more people are grieving and commemorating their loved ones online.

It is easy to see why people gravitate towards the Internet when it comes to grieving. Opening up is easier online rather than face to face. People can bravely share their grief without having to show their vulnerabilities to others. People can connect with each other over vast distances. Communication is instantaneous, and so is feedback. While it may be hard to confront the death of a loved one directly, going to a memorial page may soften the blow and make it easier for someone to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Privacy is a luxury afforded by building a web memorial. Remember a life lived by someone close to you from the privacy of your home. Dealing with the death of a loved one can be hard, and going out into the real world after what happened can be difficult at times. With the advent of online memorials, individuals can ease themselves through the grieving process slowly. Taking their own time to slowly accept the death of the person they lost. They can talk to others, share memories, view photos and more on the web memorial.

Grieving members of the family can also use web memorials as storage of information about their loved ones. They can also use the page as a virtual memorial site, visiting the page if they cannot physically visit the grave of their loved ones.

It truly is a great leap from the old-fashioned way of grieving. But let us not forget that no matter the method or the practice, the celebration of a deceased person’s life is still the ultimate purpose of a web memorial. Remember a life filled with meaning and hope with a web memorial from Your Tribute.


| Your Tribute Founder

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