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Virtual MemorialWhat is a virtual memorial? It is an online memorial page that is dedicated to loved ones who have passed away. They act as tribute pages for the dead and as a common ground for the bereaved. They are digital spaces wherein members of the families and friends of the deceased can share in their grief in the passing away of a loved one. It is also used as a tool for communicating details about the funeral and anything else that may need to be announced relating to the death of the person being memorialized.

How did virtual memorials begin? Online memorials started as an oddity used only by celebrities and famous persons. Usually a fan or a member of the family would open up a website or an online page where the fans could get together and express their love and support for the deceased celebrity. Over time, this practice was copied by wealthy private individuals and it did not take long for the practice to cross over and become popular with the public. Today, due to their low cost and ease of setup, thousands of people host and maintain personalized memorial websites.

It can certainly feel weird at first sharing the life of a loved one online. But when you stop and think about it, it’s the logical conclusion given the digitization of our lives in the 21st century. The advent of social networks has made it a lot easier for people to accept the practice of grieving online. Instead of going through the trouble of traversing a long distance, people can just log on to the web and drop by a virtual memorial page to express their support and offer their condolences. It’s a lot less personal than going physically to the funeral, but it doesn’t diminish the act nor the meaning behind the words you give. Sharing the life of a loved one is easier when you use a virtual website.

Every detail of the deceased person can be immortalized in the virtual memorial page. All information regarding their life can be written and can be recorded in their online memorial. Pictures of events and important people in their lives can also be posted on the albums along with anecdotes and stories about the individual, which can be shared online so that people  can share in their grief at the loss of the individual in the memorial page. A chronology of events can also be recorded and followed by anyone visiting the online page. Online memorials can stand as a virtual time capsule for the person’s entire living history. Where they lived, who they were with, what they did, where they went, etc. All these and more can be viewed by visiting memorial pages set up in a virtual memorial.

Remember a life of a friend and loved one. Create a virtual memorial page not only to commemorate the death of friends and loved ones but more importantly, to celebrate their life. Online memorials help us in our time of grief by making this process easier and helping us get through this difficult time by connecting us virtually with others that are grieving same as us. Get started with a virtual memorial from Your Tribute.


| Your Tribute Founder

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