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| Your Tribute Founder

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Remembering Lost Loved OnesOne of the best, most convenient, and most affordable ways for remembering lost loved ones is to make them an online memorial website. As physical memorial spaces become more and more scarce, the cremation of a deceased loved one becomes a more practical step. Because of this, less people are having traditional funerals. Also, because of the increasing scarcity of memorial spaces, the prices for having one becomes more and more expensive too. Now, more people are turning to memorial technology to remember loved ones because it is less expensive and creates a permanent memorial.

Aside from being much more affordable than a physical space, the virtual presence of the lost loved one’s memory makes it much easier for everyone to reach him, even from friends and family all over the world. This way, no matter how busy a person could be, or wherever he or she is around the globe, he or she can always pay their respects and love to the departed person.

With Your Tribute you can choose to create an online obituary or memorial website for your loved one. You can make pages that are dedicated to your loved ones for free or choose from a premium paid package. As part of both services, the memorial page that you are dedicating to remembering lost loved ones can have designers themes, all of which could reflect the person who is being remembered as you know him or her. You can also change the theme of the memorial page anytime you like. As part of remembering the departed, you can also provide stories on the page. This may include fond memories, hobbies and interests, or other stories. The memorial page also has a virtual guest book where friends and family of the deceased can leave an unlimited number of condolences.

You don’t have to worry about protecting the privacy and sacredness of your loved one’s memory because the privacy settings of the memorial page can be set up according to what is deemed appropriate. To let those who want to commemorate him or her and give a gesture of remembrance, they can choose from free virtual gifts that they can dedicate to the loved one. Most of all, to help friends and relatives with remembering lost loved ones who have departed this world, there are social sharing tools that you can you can use to connect the memorial to Facebook, Google +, Twitter or other social media platforms.

As a free service, there are some disadvantages compared to a paid memorial website. First, free memorials include advertisement and are limited in features. If you can afford a premium website you will have access to all features. The memorial website can be paid for by the person creating the memorial, or sponsored (paid for) by any of the friends or family who vist the online memorial. Some of the features included in a paid memorial are photo sharing, videos, notes, additional pages, customized URL’s, online events with invitations and RSVP’s.

Remembering lost loved ones online is an inexpensive and effective way to pay tribute to their life. Furthermore, by creating a personalized memorial page you will create a permanent online memorial that creates a lasting legacy online.


| Your Tribute Founder

Jason Ropchan is the Founder and CEO of Your Tribute, an online resource for Funeral and Grief information and products. He has more than 15 years experience in the funeral industry developing and marketing funeral technology. He has worked with thousands of funeral homes worldwide to help them provide online memo...