Remembering A Loved One With An Online Memorial

| Your Tribute Founder

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Remembering A Loved OneConnecting online is not only for the living, it can now also be used to express our feelings in remembering a loved one who has passed on. Although the value of personal visits can never be replaced, the emergence of social networks and personalized websites being the future of connection cannot be denied. This isn’t to say that people will now only be talking through the Internet, this only means that the world is becoming a more open place and communication can now be done wherever you are.

This is just what online memorial services provide – a special place that is dedicated in commemorating those who have departed from our world. It allows us to express our feelings and remembrance wherever we might be in the world, no matter how busy we could be. Of course, these services can come at a price. Even though there are free memorial websites, will the price be worth it for a paid memorial, or is it just enough to keep the social media profile that the deceased one has left while he was still living?

First, let’s compare a social media profile and a memorial website that is dedicated to remembering the deceased. Online profiles such as the ones on Facebook contain the information that were placed by the departed while he was still alive. If one of his friends decided to pay him an online visit, he can simply post on the departed’s wall and send his message for all their friends to see even after the person has passed away. However, many people may feel uncomfortable posting on a profile that contains information from when the person was alive. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the family, or the social media website, will keep the profile active in the future.

Because of the downsides of using a social media profile as a memorial, creating a memorial website dedicated in remembering a loved one can offer many advantages. You will be able to create a space that is flexible and personalized to suit your loved one. A free memorial website will offer you the basic features you need to create a beautiful memorial for the one you love. You can include a photo and information about the person, their obituary, their story and a guestbook for friends and family to leave condolences. Note that if you choose to create a free page for remembering a loved one, there will typically be advertisements on the website.

Creating a paid memorial website that is dedicated to remembering a loved one will not have any unsightly advertisements. Also, a paid memorial provides friends and family with more options for memorializing their loved one and offers a lot more services that social media networks cannot provide. Some of the options included are photo and video sharing, additional pages, event information including RSVP, unlimited storage space and more.

There is virtually no limit on how those who have lost a loved one can express their love, gratitude, respect, and so much more with a dedicated memorial website. With Your Tribute you can create a free or paid memorial website for remembering a loved one. Click here to learn more about memorializing a loved one with Your Tribute.


| Your Tribute Founder

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