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Memorial Web PageA memorial web page is a personalized online page dedicated to the remembrance of a person that has passed away. Think of them as an online tribute to the one you love. Online tributes were popularized by families of celebrities wishing to give the fans of their loved ones a page to commemorate the life and death of the celebrity. However, as time passed, easy to use services like Your Tribute were created to make setting up a memorial web page for a loved one quick and easy. Nowadays, anybody can create an online memorial web page and dedicate it to anyone they want to. The popularity of online memorials can be attributed to the lower cost of technology and increased popularity of the internet. Remember a life through online pages for free with minimal advertising on the pages or choose to forego advertising and choose a low-cost paid option.

There are many advantages to creating an online memorial web page. The main advantage is that through a memorial page you can pay tribute to your loved online at any time, anywhere across the globe. Online memorial web pages allow people to gather and interact with each other, grieve together, talk about the life of the deceased, and share stories all without having to spend a dime on transportation. Loved ones who are away and are unable to attend the funeral can visit the memorial page and express their support and condolences thru the online page. Strangers can meet and talk to each other and share in grieving the passing away of a loved one. Invitations can also be sent out via the page so people know when and where to attend the funeral. Online memorials are safe and secure, and data integrity is guaranteed by backing up the data daily.

Why upgrade to a paid memorial? As great as free online memorials are, paid packages are still better. Aside from the basic features such as the story, an online guestbook and social network integration, you get bonus services such as event hosting, RSVP invitations, photo albums, unlimited storage, custom URL, video hosting, high resolution photos, and of course, no advertising. The paid option also allows you to choose from a one year subscription or a lifetime membership fee.

There are a lot of reasons why family members would want to create an online memorial web page for someone. It can be to make sending funeral invitations easier, to integrating the page with social networking sites, or it can be to create a lasting tribute to their loved ones in the digital space. Whatever the reasons, creating a memorial webpage is certainly increasing in popularity.

Online memorial webpages help with grieving by allowing the bereaved to express their sorrow over the Internet. Those who are left by the deceased person can share their grief in a less invasive manner. Stories can be recounted and memories shared without the risk of open confrontation or personal appearance. Photos can also be distributed digitally, which is more convenient for most. Distance will not become a problem since anyone can access an online memorial web page anywhere in the world as long as they can access the internet.

The above are just some of the many reasons why people choose to create a memorial page for their loved one. Start building an online memorial web page now with Your Tribute and celebrate the life of a loved one for all time.


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