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Memorial DonationsCreate a memorial and accept memorial donations for a philanthropist who passed away. They used to work so hard for their local community and not-for-profit organization. He or she lived their life in the service of others – now they, and many others who have lived their lives as an embodiment of service and charity can have their names and lives immortalized and memorialized in online memorial pages.

Now friends, family and organizations that are grieving the loss of their inspirational leaders can use online memorials as a way to commemorate their death. At the same time they can also celebrate the person’s life by continuing the work they have begun by using the online memorial page as a way to collect memorial donations for the charity. These online memorial pages double as tribute funds for these charities and help the friends and family of the deceased collect funds for the charity. That way the death of the person will not spell the end of their philanthropy but rather become the beginning of donations from other individuals.

Even if the friends and family of the deceased have limited funds, they can make use of free online memorials to commemorate their loved one. An online memorial is free, easy to set-up, and simple to share. An online memorial allows anyone to create a memorial page and request memorial donations in as fast as fifteen minutes.

Also, due to the fact that these memorials are shared online, the tribute to the deceased person and page requesting memorial donations to their charity remain online as long as the memorial page is active. Photos and videos can be shared online, as well as events and other activities. Guests can sign the online guestbook and leave comments, notes, share stories, and so on.

For more features or options, the individual opening the memorial page can choose to upgrade to a paid option and get a custom URL for the page as well as unlimited storage of data. Higher resolution photo and video sharing are also added in the paid version. Members can choose a yearly subscription or a one-time lifetime payment. RSVP invitations can also be issued and integrated into the memorial.

Remember a life lived in charity and open an online memorial page today and share the life and the good deeds done by the person. Connect people of the same beliefs and help others continue the work begun by the deceased. Their charity does not have to end in their death. Help continue their work by creating a memorial page and requesting memorial contributions to the person’s charity. Simply leave instructions where the memorial donations can be mailed or link the memorial page to the charity’s website for online donations.

Online memorial pages work effectively in spreading the word about the deceased person’s life and advocacy. It works effectively as a fundraising tool, and also works to spread information about the charity espoused by the person being memorialized. Because it is free to create the memorial, there’s no cost in opening a page for the memory of a charitable person. It’s easy, takes only minutes, but the effects can last a lifetime.


| Your Tribute Founder

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