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In Memoriam OnlineEven though someone you know has passed away, that doesn’t mean that their memory is going to end there, especially if the person is a great man or woman. There are a lot of ways that you can pay tribute to someone who has died. One of the most popular ways is by writing an obituary; however, obituaries only appear in a newspaper for a short period of time. But these days, you can keep the obituary online forever, which is the aim of in memoriam online memorials.

With the help of Your Tribute’s in memoriam online memorials you can create your own tribute page for a deceased loved one. In fact, online memorials have become very inexpensive and setting up your own obituary page or memorial tribute is incredibly easy. Of course, there is the obituary page itself, where you can place just about anything you want to post about your deceased loved one. But beyond the obituary, you can also place different content that can make your deceased loved one’s profile a true tribute page. Both friends and family members can contribute information about the person and can even write about their own personal stories and memories they shared with the person. There is also a guestbook for anyone who visits and want to send a message of condolence and the best thing about this virtual guestbook is that it can include unlimited messages.

Using Your Tribute to create in memoriam online memorials is absolutely free. Despite the fact that it is free, you’ll be the recipient of superior service. Themes designed by top designers will give your online memorial page a sharp and professional look. For easy access and sharing, the online memorial can also be integrated with your Facebook account. By sharing it on your profile, your memorial website can have the visibility it deserves.

With a premium account, all of the data that you are going to post in your account is going to stay there permanently, except if you choose to delete it, of course. This data includes pictures, videos, personal messages, shared stories, and guestbook visits. Now you don’t have to worry about disappearing data again.

For a minimum fee, with a premium memorial website you can also add more information about the funeral and other related events. Also, you will gain the capability to send invitations online and receive RSVP’s. Even better, with a premium account you can share high-definition photos so you can capture all those life moments in full detail. You can upload photos up to 3 megapixels in size.

Another benefit of a Your Tribute in memoriam online memorial is that it allows other family members and friends to post their content directly into the tribute website. Not only can they share memories on the tribute, but they can also upload their own photos and videos to share with other friends and relatives.

Are you looking for a way to pay a tribute to someone who passed away? Do it with the help of an in memoriam online memorial from Your Tribute. Click here to learn more about Your Tribute and get started with a free account to create a permanent online memorial for your loved one.


| Your Tribute Founder

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