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Funeral Guest BookYou are probably familiar with the guest book found in funerals; why not try creating an online funeral guest book for your loved one? We already have the Internet and so why not try to digitize the way we conduct funerals and memorialize our loved ones? First, let us point out an important difference between a printed funeral guestbook and an online funeral guest book. An ordinary guest book, in a funeral, is simply signed by all the attendees. After the funeral is over then one of the deceased person’s family members will keep the guest book in a safe place. An online guest book, however, will always be accessible for life (unless you remove it from the Web) and there are many capabilities that come along with it.

Because of modern technology, the online funeral guest book of today is a far cry from the regular guestbook that we see during funerals.  A regular funeral guestbook will do nothing besides ask for the name of the attendee and the signature. (If possible, the date and time of attendance counts too.) An online guest book goes much further. You can place the life story of the deceased person somewhere on the online guest book, so others will immediately know the impact that the deceased person had in the lives of others. You can even place information about the deceased person, such as hobbies, beliefs, accomplishments, and much more. You can also place a picture of the deceased person; it’s up to you whether you want the picture to be young, middle-aged, or old (depending on what you see fit).

An online funeral guest book has other capabilities that make it function a bit like a social networking site. Unlike in an ordinary funeral guestbook, where people place just their names and signatures and nothing more than that, in an online guest book, people can place their wishes, thoughts, and prayers for the deceased person and for the family of the deceased. The creators of the guest book as well as the administrators have full control over the content that others place in the guest book; they can delete others’ comments at will. It is also possible to announce events through an online guest book. Details of the event can be included and creative invitations can be sent to prospective guests through E-mail.

What else is possible? Like in social networking, it is possible for you to create a photo album concerning the deceased. You, close family and friends, and other people can add pictures at will. As always, the creator and the administrators will always be in control of the pictures placed there. You, close family and friends, and others can also place videos and notes concerning the deceased person. Finally, it is also possible for other people to send gifts to the deceased person and to the deceased person’s family. Although the gifts are virtual these gifts will always be well-appreciated.

With Your Tribute you can create a free online obituary or premium memorial website, both which include a guest book allowing you to receive unlimited condolences.  By creating an online funeral guest book we can express in many ways how we remember a loved one who has passed away.


| Your Tribute Founder

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