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Free Online MemorialsFree online memorials are quickly gaining popularity as a way for families and friends to connect and pay tribute to a loved one who passed away. Cheap, easy to set-up, and very accessible, these are the primary reasons why people choose to commemorate the death of their loved ones through free online memorials. Remember a life filled with love, joy, sorrow, and memories with online memorials.

Online memorials are easy to set-up. Just choose a theme for the page, write the person’s story, add info, add the funeral service details, and photos, and publish it for everyone to see. Or, set the privacy settings so only selected family and friends that have the URL are able to view the page. Online memorials differ slightly from obituaries, in that obituaries are usually written with the intent of publishing the death of a person as a news article detailing the person’s life along with some information about the upcoming funeral. Families of individuals may choose to take out a paid memorial advertisement in order to notify the public the date and time of the upcoming funeral. Or, they can post the obituary on the Internet. Obituaries focus on portraying the memories of the deceased through words while online memorials don’t have this limitation.

Online memorials don’t need professional writers to tell the story of the person. Anyone can write a short note or story recounting the life of a person on an online memorial site. This is what’s so great about free online memorials, you can pay tribute to the life of a friend, loved one, or a co-worker by just visiting the online memorial page and writing something about the person. You can then post photos to the album or interact with the other guests on the site.

Online memorials help the bereaved deal with loss and grieving over the passing away of someone. It allows for grieving with other affected people, even people you may not know or were not particularly close to. Because online memorials are accessible around the world, distance is not a problem. It is in fact one of the advantages of online memorials – the ability to connect people across the globe regardless of distance.

Aside from posting photos and creating notes, online memorials also allow you to host a guestbook, integrate the page in social networking sites, create an RSVP event for the upcoming funeral and send out the invites to guests, back up your data daily, share virtual gifts, and customize the page’s URL.

As with most free sites, advertising is included on free online memorials. If you don’t want advertising to appear on your loved one’s memorial page, simply choose the paid option and remove the ads for good. Unlimited storage, custom URL, and the ability to download high resolution photos also come provided with the paid service as opposed to the basic package of free online memorials. Create a free online memorial page with Your Tribute now and see how you can help yourself and others get through the death of a loved one by commemorating the life they lived and sharing it with others.


| Your Tribute Founder

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