Free Memorial Websites Or Paid Memorial Websites?

| Your Tribute Founder

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Free Memorial WebsitesHaving a memorial website helps you recover from the loss of your loved one. You can post pictures, music, videos and tributes dedicated to your loved one. You can also recount your memories together and share it with others. On the other hand, people who view the site can leave you notes of encouragement, condolences and advices to cope up. They can also share with you their own memories about the deceased person or personal experiences on how they cope.

There are many online services that specialize in memorial websites. You can choose among the two general categories, free memorial websites or paid memorial websites. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a breakdown.

Free memorial websites are obviously free of charge. You can immortalize the life and memories of your loved one without spending a penny. However, make sure that the features you want are actually free and there are no hidden charges.

Some of the common features of free memorial websites are: online support, free updates, email notifications, option to make the website public or private, user-friendly tools, readily available themes and templates, full text (biographies, tributes, and obituaries), guestbook for condolences, certain number of free virtual gifts and social sharing tools.

Yet opting for free memorial websites has its disadvantages. Free sites have limited storage and features. Typically you cannot add photos and videos. Even if you can, typically the quality of the photos is very poor and low-resolution. Also, you typically cannot use all customization options. If you want a personalized site with more features, you would have to look for a paid host that can provide the extra features and services.

Paid memorial websites have the features of free memorial websites and more. They have bigger to unlimited storage space where you can upload or download unlimited biographies, tributes, obituaries, high-resolution photos, videos, music, audio clips, and attachments. Also, with some services you can choose a custom URL for the memorial.

Spending a little money for your loved one is worth it because it can make your memorial site more personalized and interactive for friends and family. Not only can you upload photos and memories of the loved one, but with a paid memorial website, relatives and friends of the departed can also contribute to the memorial. Furthermore, unlike free memorial websites, paid memorial websites are typically more visually attractive. Using a free memorial website there is often advertising on the pages or a risk that advertising may be included at some point in the future. Free memorial websites typically get their income from advertisements.

Finally, another benefit of a paid memorial is that it will remain online longer. Some services charge for the length of time you want the memorial online. With Your Tribute, whether you choose a free memorial website or paid memorial website, either way your memorial will remain online permanently.

Whichever you choose, free or paid, what matters is you have a convenient and reliable avenue to express your grief, share your love for the deceased and garner support from others anytime, anywhere.


| Your Tribute Founder

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