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V Scroll down to view our collection of articles that will help you create memorial websites. Memorial websites are a personalized website where friends and family of the deceased can share condolences, photos and other memories. Learn more about the following memorial website topics and much more:

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The Advantages Of Memorial Websites

Memorial websites are a new way for families to pay tribute to those who have passed away. They are a place where friends and family can post not only the obituary, but can also publish personal stories and memories, photos, videos, and more. They are a permanent celebration of a person’s life that can easily be shared with others.

Unlike an obituary, which is simply a notice of death with a few biographical details about the person, a memorial website allows friends and family to share their fondest memories of the deceased. Even those who could not attend the funeral or contribute to the obituary can add their own stories and photos or videos to the memorial website.

The person creating the website can personalize the theme in whatever manner they feels is appropriate to memorialize the person about whom it is written. This can include color schemes, type styles, background photographs, etc. In this manner, one can create a truly unique memorial for their loved one.
Links to memorial websites can be shared with family and friends via one’s social network. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites provide ways to share one’s memories of loved ones through links back to these sites. This can provide advantages for those who live too far away or are unable to attend a funeral, but would like to honor the deceased with their own memorials.

An obituary is written one time and published. It is static and unchanging, even when published on the Web. These memorial web sites are dynamic. They can grow and change as the family and friends of the departed contribute their own parts in honor of their loved ones. Each addition can help to spur more happy memories that inspire others to share even more in remembrance of that special person.

There are many advantages to creating memorial websites in honor of loved ones who have passed away. They become a permanent record of that person’s life and how he or she has affected other people. They can be shared over any distance with ease via social networking, email, and other means. They are more dynamic that a simple obituary, allowing friends and family to upload and share their own memories and stories, pictures, videos, and more. They are the perfect way to honor the memory of someone who has helped to mold one’s life through their love.

Below are helpful articles that will help you create personalized memorial websites for your loved ones.


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