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Tributes OnlineWhen asked to write tributes online for a loved one, do not think of it as a difficult task, but rather an opportunity to express your appreciation to the person one last time.

Paying tribute to a loved at a funeral can be very emotional. The combination of speaking in front of a crowd and talking about the death of a loved one is extremely difficult. That is why sharing tributes online on memorial websites give you a chance to express your love to the deceased and share your experiences with them in a less painful way.

Writing tributes online has no standard format or method but it has conventions to make sure your piece is appropriate. You may use your personal writing style and inject humor as long as it is delivered appropriately to avoid offense to other family and friends. Here are some tips to come up with good tributes online.

Describe your relationship with the deceased. State how you are related, how you two met and became closer. Include events that you shared together. Let others take a peek at your personal memories with them.

Describe the deceased. Enumerate his features that make the person unique, such as mannerisms and attitudes. Also include their interests, role models they looked up to, people or events that influenced them, and how he or she inspired you and others. Additionally you may want to elaborate by telling anecdotes.

Include the person’s remarkable achievements that matter to them the most. You may also describe the person in terms of his or her values and principles. Did they highly value honesty more than success? Or in terms of how they handled their relationships. How is where they as a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker?

Ask family or close friends to describe the person and their relationship with them. Different people will offer different insights. This will provide you a rich view of the departed.

Organize the information into sections to prepare to put the tributes online. You may categorize it by childhood memories, interests, accomplishments, work or education. Decide how you are going to present it. Will it be by category, order of events or theme that reflects the person best like positivity or integrity?

Keep tributes online brief and readable. Be straightforward and divide the information into small paragraphs so it will be easy to read on the memorial website. Read the piece out loud to know if it has a smooth flow. Ask a friend for a second opinion. Proofread. Eliminate repetitions and correct grammatical or factual errors. When in doubt, ask their family and close friends.

Writing tributes online especially for someone close to you is no easy task. Grief will always be there but instead of keep it internalized, why not express it. You do not need to be a great writer to have a great tribute. You just have to be sincere in telling your story. You are allowed to write it in a conversational tone. Many will appreciate it because it will make your tribute easier to understand yet heartfelt. The most important thing is, it comes from the heart.


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