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A tribute is a symbol of respect to a person’s accomplishment. At a funeral, a tribute is meant for honouring the life of the deceased. Family and friends celebrate the deceased and various countries have their own unique way of celebrating their loved ones.

Funeral tributes

Funeral tributes range from casket wreaths and sprays to small bouquets and other personal arrangements. Flowers are included at the funeral service and close family members are the ones who plan the funeral or casket spray. The flowers are put on the casket through the funeral service and the burial.

In religious funerals, flower tributes shaped like crosses are commonly used. In less religious ceremonies, tributes shaped like pillows, hearts and other valued possessions are very common and they are a good way of making the funeral more personal and more heartfelt.

Types of tributes

1) Flowers

Beautiful floral arrangements and personal notes also are a way of showing respect. The family can select an arrangement that includes the flowers that the deceased loved, or they can include those that have a personal meaning to them.

Expert florists can take the flowers that you choose and they will suggest the right ways to use them. The florists can also deliver the flowers directly to the home of the deceased if the family wishes so.

2) Announcement

It is difficult to announce the death of your loved one; however, this is the 1st step of honouring that person. Family members deserve a personal phone call and the more distant acquaintances can be sent emails.

When you have something that you want people to know about, for instance, top 10 online casinos, you will need to advertise it in places where most people can see it. So the bereaved consider announcing on the newspaper’ obituaries section which is a good opportunity to highlight the deceased’s life, and it lets more people know about the funeral arrangements.

3) Programs

The aim of a funeral program is to let the attendants know about the order of the events but it is also a good place to add a tribute. You can add a photo of the deceased and include some few sentiments about what he or she meant to other people. A poem which people can hold on to as a keepsake can also be included in the program.

4) Songs

Songs speak to the heart during mourning. The deceased’s favourite hymn can be included if it is known but there are a variety of songs that are suitable for funerals.

5) Poems

A poem can be a great way of expressing feelings about the departed one. There are so many poems written particularly for a father, mother, child and so forth which can be read during eulogies. People can also create their own poems.Eulogies

6) Eulogies

A eulogy is the main tribute at a funeral. It must be personalized and it is usually written and given to the person who knew the departed so well. It must include personal memories that others can relate to.


Those are the various ways of paying tribute to a loved one who has died. Each segment of the funeral must be designed in a way that reflects and celebrates the life of the deceased.


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