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Tribute WebsitesTribute websites can help you honor a loved one who has passed away by preserving their memory forever and sharing their life with others. Aside from receiving support and condolences from friends and family, tributes help you grieve.

Tribute websites offer you another avenue to pay your last respects to your loved one. With the tribute you may share your personal experiences with your loved one to others. This makes his or her life memorable. You are making sure the world will forever remember them through the Internet that can make everything in it permanent.
Tribute websites are the modern version of a shrine or monument for your loved one who passed away. You can put their pictures online, tell a story, add eulogies or memories, send prayers and give virtual flowers. You can also build a community made of people close to the departed who will join you to commemorate their life. This online community of friends and family can share their experiences and memories they had with your loved one on the site.

Making tribute websites can be easy and the following tips will help you make a quality tribute online.

First, choose the provider that offers tribute websites that offer the features and design that you want for your loved one at an affordable price or for free. Next, decide what theme you want to use for the tribute. We recommend that you choose a simple template over a flashy one. Simple tribute websites are more accessible because they open in browsers easily and load faster. They are also easy to navigate. The important thing is that you choose a theme that best represents your loved one’s personality.

Put personal recollections, condolences, videos and photos related or dedicated to your loved one on the tribute. A lot of this material you will find at your house and can also collect from friends and family. You may need to scan the photos and documents, but the time spent collecting and preparing this material is very rewarding. You will also want to encourage family and friends to do the same. This will provide a richer view of the person’s life and build a more complete tribute website dedicated to the person. You are also helping other people recover from their grief and honor the deceased. With tribute websites, even people living far away can pay their last respects without leaving their homes.

Finally, share your tribute website with everyone who knew the person. Email the url to their family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and co-workers. Allow them to share it to others and encourage them to leave messages, tributes, pictures and videos. You may also share it using your social media accounts. Let the people enjoy the beautiful tribute you created and allow them to join you in celebrating the life of your loved one.


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