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Memorial tributes can come in many different forms. They may come in the form of a simple statement, such as the telling of the loved one’s life story, a particular action, such as volunteering for a charity that was close to that loved one’s heart, or a gift, such as a donation to a charity in honor of the loved one’s memory. The options are almost endless and provide a way to keep the memories of absent loved ones alive forever.

These tributes are ways of showing respect or gratitude for the impact the departed had on one’s life. They could also be a means of simply showing admiration for something the individual did in life or how the person lived his/her life. Often the form the memorial takes is linked to the message one is trying to convey about the person.

Usually, when a memorial tribute is made, such as a donation to charity in honor of someone who has passed, the recipient of the tribute recognizes the gift in some way. This could be a plaque, certificate, or other item that reflects the gift and names the individual being memorialized. Grants to certain organizations, such as hospitals and/or colleges may be recognized by having buildings, wings, or rooms named in honor of the person.

One of the simplest and least expensive memorials one can provide is the creation of a memorial page on the internet with the person’s obituary and/or life story. It does not have to cover every single detail of the person’s life, but as many details about how the person earned one’s respect, gratitude, or admiration should be provided in order pay proper tribute to those factors.

Another way to memorialize someone is to create a trust fund that awards scholarships to students based on certain criteria that are in line with the accomplishments of the person to whom tribute is being paid. There are few, if any, limits placed on such privately funded memorials. This type of tribute goes on forever as long as there is money in the trust fund to back the awards.

One could do something similar with grants to help entrepreneurs start their business or to help individuals make their first home purchase. One can name virtually any criteria to qualify to receive the grant.

Some memorial tributes come in the form of an action. Many people enter specific contests and/or events, such as the “race for the cure” in honor of someone who has died from cancer. Others adopt certain dress or begin performing certain actions each day in memory of their loved one.

Memorial tributes come in many different forms. They are an important way to help keep the memory of someone who has been lost alive. This can be done in honor of someone that has been admired, that has done something for which one is grateful, or one whose memory someone simply wants to keep alive because that person was an important part of his/her life.

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