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There are many occasions when memorial quotes are needed. When you lose a family member or friend that has had a piece of your heart, it may be hard to think of just the right words to express sorrow. If a bereavement has happened to someone you love, you may be searching for the right words to try for a measure of comfort. In either instance, a collection of quotations can offer just the right touch.

When there is need for a quote in a funeral or memorial service program, you will probably want to offer something of a hopeful or comforting nature. This is particularly true if the deceased person or the family members have a spiritual background. Hope of a meeting in an afterlife or a quotation that notes a life well lived are typical.

The quotes for a memorial or funeral service may focus on some aspect of the personality or life of the deceased. The relationship between the person who died and those attending or planning the service can limit the type of quotes that are selected. For example, a service that is intended for a parent would be structured very differently than one planned for an infant or child. Almost always, the quotation tries to express love and caring feelings.

Although the quotes should be directed toward the expression of truths about the personality or relationships of the individual, they should be in good taste. This is not the time of embarrassing or questionable taste sayings. The choices that are made may be upbeat and positive, but not out of bounds where expressions are concerned.

Choosing the right message for an epitaph is another occasion where searching out the right saying, quotation, or message is important. Usually these inscriptions are only a few words. It may be something hopeful or a simple statement of relationship. The fact that these words are usually inscribed in stone, so something especially meaningful is picked.

Another type of remembrance quotations is one which is used in a condolence letter to friend or family member who has lost a loved one. The typical format is to express sorrow for the loss of the loved one. Try to focus on comfort for the bereaved person, rather than your own sorrow or feelings. It will make a difference in the type of quotes that you choose. If you don’t know the person well, such as a friend of a friend or coworker, keep the comments sincere but general. Don’t assume that your spiritual beliefs are the same as those of the recipient of your comments. Choosing just the right verse or words to include in a memorial card is a great way to express sorrow.

Because the memorial quotes may be kept for many years, finding just the right one is important. Using a quotation in a service program or on an epitaph is often primary. If you are offering comfort, choosing appropriate comments is dependent upon the relationship with the deceased person. Below are a collection of helpful articles with sample memorial quotes that will help you find the perfect quote to express your sorrow.

Below are helpful articles that will teach you how to write memorial quotes, memorial verses and memorial sayings for the ones you love.


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