Types of In-Home Care and Services Offered

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Types of In-Home Care and Services OfferedIn-home care is a popular service throughout the country because it allows seniors to maintain independence and dignity while still having all their needs met. Seniors want to live at home for as long as possible, but sometimes they need a little help completing daily tasks. This type of care ensures that they are able to meet all daily needs safely and conveniently. Ongoing needs are met by experienced and qualified caregivers so that seniors can maintain their normal schedule and live a free and happy life.

Companion and Personal Care for Seniors

Companion and personal care services are done according to the senior’s schedule, so if you only need someone a few hours a week or you need someone 24 hours a day, it can be arranged by this type of service. Companions offer non-medical services to assist seniors with regular everyday tasks that would otherwise they have trouble completing. This works to ensure maximum independence and safety.

Personal care and companion services include:

  • Safety – This service can help to ensure that the house is safe and that seniors are secure throughout the day. Things like falls can be prevented because someone is there to help with reaching items on high shelves and assisting seniors up and down the stairs, etc.
  • Socialization – It can be hard for seniors to get out and about, but a caregiver can bring this to fruition. For example, taking walks, driving seniors to social events and friend’s houses and simply keeping them company all promote socialization.
  • Correspondence and Mail – Seniors may need some help reading their mail and taking care of responses and getting bills paid, among other things. A companion can ensure that the mail is brought in and sorted and that everything that requires attention is taken care of so that there is no chance of getting behind on bills or other things that are important.
  • Reminders – Things like appointments are sometimes hard to remember, but a companion can keep seniors on track and make sure that they get to family events and doctor’s appointments.
  • Self-Care – Some seniors need help with bathing and getting ready for the day. A companion can ensure that all hygiene and personal care tasks are completed each day.


Homemaking Services for Seniors

Homemaking services are things that seniors may need help with because these tasks can be tiring or simply difficult, especially if seniors have issues with health and mobility. A caregiver can come into the home and provide basic services to keep the home in order and promote overall safety. Many of these tasks are only done once or twice a week, so it is convenient to have someone come in around a senior’s schedule and help out.

Homemaking services include:

  • Cleaning – Vacuuming, mopping, dusting and other light housekeeping help to maintain a home, which a homemaker can provide. Seniors may need some help with these tasks and a clean house is important because it promotes safety.
  • Laundry – Laundry can be difficult for seniors, especially if it requires going up and down the stairs to access the washer and dryer. A caregiver can come in and assist so that clean clothes are always available.
  • Shopping – Ensuring enough groceries and personal care items is something that a caregiver can help with. They can do the shopping themselves or assist seniors when they go shopping.
  • Pets – Pets help to keep seniors company and they promote wellness and a positive mood, but they do require care. Homemaking services can provide necessary pet care, such as walking and bathing, feeding and taking care of litter boxes and cleaning up the backyard. They can even assist seniors in making necessary veterinarian appointments and helping seniors and their pets get there and back.
  • Gardening – Homemaking services can help with cutting grass, keeping plants and bushes healthy and trimmed and cleaning up trash and leaves.
  • Meals – It is important for seniors to get adequate nutrition each day and caregivers can help to ensure that meals are cooked and snacks are readily available.


In-Home Skilled Nursing Care for Seniors

In-home skilled nursing care allows seniors to receive comprehensive medical care in the privacy of their own home. Many things that can be done in a nursing home setting can be done in someone’s home to promote independence and keep seniors in familiar surroundings. This type of care can be tailored to exactly what each senior needs so that they can enjoy optimal health without leaving their home.

Skilled nursing care services can include:

  • Infusion Therapy – Some seniors require frequent infusions and these can be done at home via IV or a more permanent line.
  • Lab Draws – Keeping an eye on overall health can be completed at home with blood draws, obtaining urine samples and other lab specimens.
  • Wound Care – Whether it is a pressure sore or a post-surgical wound, skilled nursing can provide the necessary wound care to promote healing.
  • Tube Feeding – Seniors who require specialized nutrition via a tube can receive this care at home.
  • Medication Management – Nurses will ensure that seniors are taking all medications on time and exactly per the prescription order.
  • Catheter and Ostomy Care – Nurses can help with straight catheters and maintaining ostomies and the associated bags.
  • Disease-specific Care – Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, along with other illnesses, can require specific types of care and this can be provided by in-home skilled nursing care.
  • Nursing Assessments – Nursing assessments include things like monitoring vital signs and helping to keep an eye on a senior’s overall health, as well as monitoring specific conditions.


In-home care provides a way for seniors to maintain independence and have all their needs met. There are many different services available and these can be tailored to fit a senior’s needs. Whether someone needs help with housekeeping or they need more complex nursing care, there are services available that can be done in-home.


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