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Working through the grief of losing a loved one is handled gradually, in a step by step manner, that is referred to as the grief process. It is important to realize that not everyone experiences all the different stages. Not everyone experiences them in the same order or with the same intensity. Each person is different in his/her outlook. This means that each person will have his/her own unique system for grief recovery. The grief process articles below will teach you more about the stages of grief and how to recover from a loss.

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The Five (or Seven) Stages of Grief No Comments

Many people refer to the five stages of grief. If you have lost someone or know someone who has, you will come across many articles about moving through these stages. What you do not often see is the seven stages of grief model. This model closely follows the five stages model, with two additional platforms: pain/guilt and the upward turn. In essence, these emotions or stages…

How to Recognize Complicated Grief (Prolonged Grief Disorder) No Comments

It is normal for people to experience acute grief when they lose a loved one. As first explored in the book “On Death and Dying” by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, there are five accepted stages of grief. People move through these stages at different intervals, but most people find themselves in the end stages within several months of a loss. Normal or typical grief is experienced…

Anticipated Death vs Sudden or Traumatic Death No Comments

Death of any kind leaves a hole in the hearts of those left behind. The grieving process that takes place is similar no matter if the death was anticipated or sudden. There are, however, differences that can range from subtle to extreme. When someone has a terminal illness, friends and family have time to say the things they have always wanted to say…

Unhealthy Grief Reactions No Comments

There are four basic types of unhealthy grief reactions that, after being discussed here, may help you recognize a pattern in someone you know or even yourself. Grief counselors are often faced with questions like: Is this crying normal? Should I feel anger? Is my reaction to his death unusual? Is my grief normal? In order to respond to these questions, the therapist…