Light a Candle to Remember

| Grief Expert and Counselor

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To wonder, “Is grief ever finished?” is similar to asking someone, “How high is up?” It is very easy to miss the movement you are making in the process of your own grief because it may seem small in comparison to the great pain you are feeling.

Thoughts That Can Help You

Tell yourself you are okay and focus on your good traits.

Talk about your loved one’s death (tell the story).

Live one day at a time.

Understand and express your feelings.

Exercise and eat nutritious foods.

Be open to new experiences.

Light a candle while looking at your loved one’s picture.
Appointed Time of Grief

This last one is so important. Grief is best expressed through ritu- als. Lighting a candle gives you permission to sit down, look at a picture, think about your loved one and have a good cry! You may sit there for five minutes or two hours. No matter, it is in our best interest to have these appointed times of grief. And, most impor- tantly, when you are finished and you blow the candle out…you are giving yourself permission to go on with your life…until the next time you light a candle.


| Grief Expert and Counselor

Dr. John D. Canine, Ed.D., Ph.D. is a noted author, professional speaker, educator and leading expert on grief and bereavement. He is currently the CEO of Maximum Living Consultants, Inc. and he...