What are Natural Burial Grounds?

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What are Natural Burial GroundsAs time progresses, humans become more efficient at outsourcing difficult or time consuming tasks to computers, or other automation tools. These tools allow us to spend our time doing another, more important task that has yet to be automated. This is great, right? We’re increasing our efficiency by lightening our load. The problems occur when we focus only on efficiency, and not on more important factors essential to our survival. Consider cremation. It’s currently one of the most efficient and cheapest ways of burial, but what about the negative consequences? Consider traditional cemeteries. They have regularly mowed lawns, expensive headstones, and beautiful coffins beneath them, but at what cost?

It turns out both cremation, and traditional cemeteries, are hazardous to our environment in many ways. The fumes originating from the crematorium, the gas required to manicure the grounds, and the destruction of a local eco-system are just a handful of harmful side effects we overlook for a discount.

Let’s talk about a viable alternative that’s trending throughout the United States – natural burial grounds. Natural burial grounds ditch the poisonous prerogative of valuing efficiency over everything by taking us back to our roots. Natural burials are a statement of personal values enabling environmentally conscious individuals to minimize their impact on the environment and contribute to a new posthumous movement.

Natural Burial Grounds Explained

You already know what a traditional cemetery is like. A heavy vibe of emotions weighs on your shoulders as you walk along the paved pathway past the assorted sizes of stone and granite headstones. It’s a very strange environment. Everything is well-kept and neat, flowers being replaced regularly. You know all of this already; you’ve been there and seen this same image.

Natural burial grounds on the other hand paint a completely different picture. The best way for you to accurately imagine a natural burial ground is to picture a small forest. There can be a meadow, or small river dividing it in half, with a large open area, acres wide, where you may see wild deer prancing about if you’re lucky. There are a wide variety of birds, plants, and other wildlife. This is an area capable of bearing the responsibility of a natural burial ground.

The contrast between a traditional burial ground and a natural burial ground is apparent. The atmosphere is vastly different. A natural burial ground is essentially an open, protected park where families gather to respect their loved ones. A sense of unity is felt between the visiting humans and the occupying wildlife. The grounds feel alive and active, much unlike the vibes received at a more traditional burial ground.

Consider Your Own Natural Burial Ground

It makes sense that natural burial grounds are gaining more and more popularity every year. You really have to visit a local green burial ground to observe the differences for yourself. Choosing a natural burial ground is a very fulfilling decision that ensures you do your part in bettering our environment for generations to come.


| Your Tribute Founder

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