Songs To Play At A Funeral

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Songs To Play At A FuneralMusic plays an important role in a memorial service and time should be spent choosing the best songs to play at a funeral. A loved one’s death will be a hard time for you and your family. Not only do you have to cope with the loss of an important member of your family, you will also have to make the necessary preparations for a funeral or other memorial service. Getting the help of a funeral director is essential as he or she can help you in handling a lot of matters regarding the funeral and selection of songs. However, even though they may provide suggestions, it is really up to you to decide on what songs to play at the funeral.

Here are few tips on selecting the right songs to play at a funeral.

First, decide on the number of songs that you would like to play. Most funerals will have around three to five songs for the service. Songs are usually played and sung at the beginning and the end of the procession. They may also be played during speeches and tributes. By selecting the number of songs and the estimating the duration, you will be able to prepare the schedule for the funeral.

The next step is to choose the right song and we have provided a list of our favorite songs to play at a funeral. There is no right choice, but you need to be sure that whatever music you choose is appropriate for a funeral setting.

Popular Songs To Play At A Funeral

1. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
2. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
3. Memories (The Way We Were) – Barbara Streisand
4. Candle in the Wind – Elton John
5. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
6. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
7. The Way We Were – Barbara Streisand
8. The Rose – Bette Midler
9. Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley
10. Let it be – Beatles
11. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
12. My Way – Frank Sinatra
13. Goodbye’s The Saddest Word – Celine Dion
14. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
15. Amazing Grace – Various Artists
16. Imagine – John Lennon
17. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
18. Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman
19. On the Road Again – Willie Nelson
20. Yesterday – The Beatles

Contemporary Songs To Play At A Funeral

1. One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey
2. Angel – Sarah McLachlan
3. I’ll Be Missing You – Puff Daddy and Faith Evans
4. Beautiful Day – U2 Beautiful Day
5. I will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan
6. You’ll be in Heart – Phil Collins
7. Heaven – Los Lonely Boys
8. Everybody Hurts – REM
9. Gone Too Soon – Michael Jackson
10. Goodbe My Lover – James Blunt


Selecting the right songs to play at a funeral will depend on your loved one’s personality and the people attending the funeral. Choose popular, classical, religious or other types of music as long as it reminds you of your loved one. You may select songs that he or she enjoyed listening to, or songs whose lyrics have a special meaning.

Music is a big part of our life and the music selection for the funeral will play an important role in commemorating and paying tribute to your loved one. Before sending your loved one for burial, play his or her favorite song as the last memory of his or her life on this earth.

The music played during the funeral will bring back memories and evoke emotions. Friends and family who attend the funeral will always remember the music you chose. If you are looking for other songs to play at a funeral consult our other articles so that you have selected the perfect music to pay tribute to your loved one.


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