Choir And Gospel Funeral Songs

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Gospel Funeral Songs

A funeral is a somber time for friends and family, but people do not want to be sad when they say goodbye to their loved one. Playing gospel funeral songs during the memorial service can uplift those in attendance and help to reduce the grief they are feeling. A choir, joined by the attendees at the funeral, typically sings Gospel songs but a recording can also be played.

At the funeral people want to be reminded that their loved ones are going to a better place after death and they firmly believe in the spiritual aspect that is related to death. The body is gone, but the spirit remains forever and the loved one is reunited with God and his or her loved ones who have gone ahead. Gospel funeral songs performed by a choir help the remaining family and the rest of the mourners that life goes on after death.

Gospel Funeral Songs

– “The Last Mile of the Way” by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers reminds people that at the end of the day, as at the end of life, God will guide the departed on their way to Paradise.

– “Nearer to Thee” by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers reassures the remaining family members that their departed loved one is on their way to see and be with God for all Eternity.

– “I’m so Glad (Trouble Don’t Last Always)” by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers reminds people that there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel. If one stumbles in life, there is always hope in the end.

– “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel” by Dixie Hummingbirds reminds people of the circle of life. It reminds people that God takes care of everyone – in life and in death.

– “Loves me Like a Rock” by Dixie Hummingbirds lets people know that God loves them for who they are, regardless of their temperaments.

– “Glory Hallelujah” by Swan Silvertones is an ode of glory to God. This song is a popular gospel funeral song.

Choir Funeral Songs

No Way
Till We Meet Again
Up There Far Away
Angels Will Be Singing
Show Up
I’m Free
Clean Inside
Awesome God
I’m Going Away
Storm is Over
Order My Steps
I’ll Fly Away
Keep On Making a Way
More Abundantly
You’ve Been Good To Me
Holy Ghost Powder
Praise Is What I Do
Going Up Yonder
God’s Got It
Stir up the Gift
That’s When You Bless Me
Soon As I Get Home
Fight On
Bye and Bye
Hymns for homegoings
Praise Him
Goin’ Up Yonder
I Am God
Well Done


Death is not a thing that one should fear. If you are religious, you should know that God is with you and that the death of a family member is a struggle in life that can be overcome. God wants to remind people that they are taken care of as well as their deceased family member. Gospel funeral songs performed by a choir are an important part of the funeral because they spread this message and uplift everyone at the funeral.

While it is okay to convey grief during a funeral, the family and other mourners will try to remain positive. They will want to remember the life of the deceased with dignity, grace, and fondness. Gospel funeral songs and choir funeral songs will put our thoughts and emotions into words and convey our spirituality.


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