Catholic Funeral Songs

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Catholic Funeral SongsRoman Catholics pay tribute to their deceased loved ones during a funeral with the inclusion of Catholic funeral songs in the last mass. The core of the Catholic funeral celebration is the Mass because it is the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Songs are quite common and are considered staples in most Catholics’ funerals. Listening to, or singing, songs for a departed loved one during mass will provide comfort to everyone in attendance.

Catholic funeral songs help to put into words the grievers’ deep emotions for the loss of their loved one. However, these bereavement songs are not somber and depressing. Catholic funeral songs are often full of hope for the life ahead beyond our material world. They celebrate the life of the deceased person and give thanks to God for the gift of a life, which has now been returned to God.

Catholic funeral songs are typically categorized according to the period of the mass they are played or sung. Before selecting the songs to play at the mass, it can help to speak to the church that will provide you details on the order of the service. They can tell you how many songs to select and for what part of the mass songs are required.

Catholic Funeral Songs

Entrance or Gathering Songs:

  1. Hosea
  2. Here I Am Lord
  3. On Eagles Wings
  4. Be Not Afraid
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. I Can Only Imagine
  7. Rain Down
  8. Better Is One Day
  9. Holy Is His Name
  10. Our God Is Here
  11. Sometimes By Step

Psalms/ Responsorial Psalm Songs:

  1. Psalm 18: I Love You Lord
  2. Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd
  3. Psalm 23: Shepherd Me, O God
  4. Psalm 25: To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul
  5. Psalm 27: The Lord is my Light and Salvation / I Believe That I Shall See
  6. Psalm 34: Taste and See
  7. Psalm 63: My Soul is Thirsting
  8. Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful
  9. Psalm 122: I Rejoiced
  10. Psalm 91: Be With Me Lord (Sung only)

Preparation of the Gifts/ Offertory/Communion Songs:

  1. You are Mine
  2. Here I Am Lord
  3. I am the Bread of Life
  4. Christ is Risen
  5. On Eagles Wings
  6. Prayer of St. Francis
  7. We Remember
  8. Awake O Sleeper
  9. One Bread, One Body
  10. Eye Has Not Seen
  11. Be Not Afraid
  12. Now We Remain
  13. Be Still And Know That He Is God
  14. My Life Is In Your Hands
  15. Blest Are They
  16. On That Holy Mountain
  17. Spirit Of God
  18. Revive Us O God
  19. Reason To Live
  20. I Will Choose Christ
  21. We Believe
  22. In God
  23. Let It Be Done
  24. I Will Choose Christ
  25. Great Is The Lord

Closing Songs:

  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. Morning Has Broken
  3. Soon and Very Soon
  4. On Eagles Wings
  5. Let There Be Peace on Earth
  6. Amazing Grace
  7. Holy god, We Praise Thy Name
  8. Our God Reigns
  9. Shout To The Lord
  10. He Is Exalted


A funeral should reflect the life of the one that has passed away and should uplift those who are left behind. In Catholic faith there is joy in the belief that a funeral represents the passing of the beloved into eternal life. Catholic funeral songs are an important part of the funeral mass because they celebrate the life of our loved one and speak to God’s promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

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