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V Scroll down to view our collection of articles that will teach you everything you need to know about funeral readings. Funeral readings are an important part of a funeral and are typically scripture verses from the Bible. However, non-religious poems, song lyrics, and quotes can be used as a funeral reading.

Funeral Readings Express Our Emotions

Funeral readings offer words of comfort to the bereaved.  They are used in times of sorrow because they lessen the pain of losing someone who has passed away. They are read at wakes, funeral masses, memorial services and other funeral related events. Funeral readings are also printed in funeral service folders, prayer cards, and thank you cards, which are given out during or after funerals. They can also be included in an obituary or on a monument.

Generally, funeral readings are used as part of the funeral mass or included in eulogies. Sometimes, they are used by persons who, because of the sadness of the occasion, are at a loss for things to say during the funeral. Funeral readings help to express the feelings we are facing and are unable to put into words.

There are various types of funeral readings that one can use to pay tribute to their loved one. Religious funeral readings make use of Bible passages. They are the most commonly used reading at a funeral. They convey the message that earthly life is just a journey and death is the beginning and not the end.  If the departed person believed and obeyed the Lord’s teachings when he or she was alive, then, surely, upon death, he or she will enjoy the benefits of eternal life. Those who are left behind find consolation in this idea of life after death.  This means that their departed loved one is still around, even if in another form, and that someday, they will be reunited with him or her.

The lyrics of a song, popular quotes, poems and text written especially for the dead person by loved ones, are examples of non-religious funeral readings used at a funeral. These types of readings can be used to celebrate your loved one’s life or provide comfort to grieving friends and family. The words of a song or poem may be read because they represent the personality of the departed person. Or, they may be read simply because they were your loved one’s favorite pieces of text.

Funeral readings are an excellent way to reduce the grief and sorrow that comes with the death of a dearly beloved. A well-written funeral reading will help express our emotions and pay tribute to a loved one.

Below are helpful articles on religious and non-religious funeral readings that will provide examples and advice on choosing a funeral reading for your loved one.


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