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Funeral programs have become a norm during memorial services as it is considered to be an inspiring and uplifting way to honor a departed loved one. If this is the first time that you’ve heard it, it is basically a brochure or booklet that is handed out to the funeral guests to give them an itinerary or preview of what to expect during the service. It also serves as an honorable tribute to the deceased.

The idea of creating such a keepsake might sound good but for those who have lost a loved one it can be a tough undertaking to do especially with all the funeral service arrangements that have to be done. Pulling out those creative juices might take some time when you are in such a state of sorrow and going through the painful process of bereavement hence a funeral program template is a seemly solution.

The advantage of using a template

Using a template makes the entire process of creating a memorial booklet easier. Since the designs have been pre-made, your only task is to do some customization on the text and the photo. The power of technology has simplified the way of creating such documents which used to take a lot of time, money and effort in order to accomplish. Now, all you have to do is select a layout of your choice, personalize and print.


Easy customization

Since you would have to personalize the content of the memorial card with your own text, you need to open the file and edit it. These templates are mostly editable using common word processor programs like Microsoft Word. Usually, the front cover is where you can see your loved one’s name and other particulars such as the date of their birth and date when they passed away. The second and third pages are usually the sections where the obituary texts and order of service are entered.


Print unlimited copies

After completing the basic customization process, the next step to take is to print the document and the simplest way is to use your printer or take it to the printing shop and have as many copies as you need. You even have the option to print them on specialty paper for a more dramatic effect. Once the documents are printed, simply fold the memorial programs and you’re done.


A suitable solution for these trying times

Losing someone you love can cause you a great deal of sorrow and pain but do not let the grief deter you honoring and celebrating their life’s existence. With a funeral template, you can create a beautiful and memorable keepsake that you can share to those who are also grieving with you. This is an endearing way to keep their memory alive by crafting a document that you yourself can easily customize without spending a great deal of time and effort. Most importantly, you will be very proud to create a special token and memento that the attendees will definitely cherish for years.


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