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Types of Funeral Poems

Funeral poems help put into words the thoughts and emotions felt over the loss of a loved one. The person who experienced the loss can write the funeral poem, or a well-known poet may have already written the poem. Either way, funeral poems are an excellent way to express feelings. Poems are typically read during the funeral service, but may also be printed on funeral stationery or used on a memorial. The following are the most common types of funeral poems that you may choose.

Describe Relationship

Funeral poems can be used to describe your relationship with the deceased. The poem you select may be for your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent, teacher, boss, coworker, or someone else. For example, the poem you choose may be a romantic love poem if the person was a spouse. Or, the poem may describe how much you learned from the person if it was a teacher or boss.

Share Stories

If you are writing the poem yourself you may include anecdotes or short stories. The stories may be a serious situation where the person helped you or taught you a less, or may be a humorous situation where you and the deceased shared a laugh. Writing funeral poems based on real-life experiences is a nice way to share your memories with people attending the funeral.

Highlight Characteristics

Whether you write the poem yourself, or choose a poem from a well-known poet, a funeral poem can be used to describe your favorite characteristics of the deceased person. The poem could be used to highlight their personality, hobbies, interests, or achievements. For example, if a father passes away you could choose a poem written about a family man who was an amazing dad that loved his family.

Express Emotions

Funeral poems can be used to express the emotions you are feeling over the loss. A poem can help put in to words the overwhelming emotions you are feeling. The poem may be somber and describe the pain and grief you are feeling over the loss. Or, the poem may be cheerful and celebrate the wonderful life with person lived and your love for them.

Funeral poems are an excellent way to describe your relationship with the deceased or your feelings towards their passing. Read the articles below to learn more about choosing a funeral poem to read at your loved one’s funeral.


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