Benefits of Planning Your Own Funeral

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Benefits of Planning Your Own FuneralMany people are uncomfortable with the prospect of planning for their own death. Admittedly, the thought of planning your own funeral is indeed a bit morbid; like you’re welcoming death with open arms. But if you look at it from a rational and economical perspective, it is actually very logical to do so.

Funeral expenses are not cheap. You have to buy a coffin, reserve space for the funeral service, purchase a lot at a memorial park, pay for the cost of the burial, and more. The cost of a traditional funeral today averages close to $10,000 and can be as much as $20,000. This is a major expense that should not be left unplanned. Planning your own funeral in advance will reduce the burden left on your family and save you money.

Benefits of Planning Your Own Funeral

1. Lessen the burden on your family

By planning your own funeral you can lessen the burden you leave on your loved ones after you pass away. You make life easier for the family you leave behind because you won’t have to give them responsibilities for your funeral after you die. This means that your family will not have to make the difficult decisions of arranging the funeral and selecting funeral products. Most importantly, you will leave your family with no financial burdens.

2. Ensures your wishes are known

Another benefit of planning your own funeral is to ensure that all of your final wishes are known. No matter how well your family knows you, or what wishes you have expressed to them, it is impossible for them to plan your funeral exactly how you would like. Pre-planning your funeral will ensure that the funeral is exactly the way you want your friends and family to honor your life.

3. Provides you peace of mind

With a good funeral plan you won’t have to worry about anything right before you die; because you know everything has already been taken care of. Planning ahead will provide you and your family peace of mind knowing that whenever you pass away the final expenses and funeral arrangements are taken care of.

4. Save Money

Planning your own funeral in advance can save you and your family money. Pre-planning will ensure that no matter how much funeral prices appreciate in the future you will be covered. There are also funeral payment plans available that allow you to set aside a small amount of money every month towards your funeral. This makes the funeral easier to afford instead of having to pay the entire bill at once.


Purchasing a funeral or memorial plan is a very simple process. You simply need to find an insurance provider, or funeral home, that offers this service and buy a plan from them. You will be asked to choose the items you want to use for your funeral, which includes the funeral location, funeral products, burial site, and so on. Planning your own funeral in advance is an excellent way to ensure that your needs are met, while reducing the burden on your family and saving money.


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