Planning for a Destination Funeral

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Planning for a Destination FuneralDeath is an inevitable life event. It is one of those events in human life that one should expect, but no one is ever really prepared for. Despite the fact that it is one of the highly anticipated results of life, it does not change the fact that many are still afraid to plan for it. Furthermore, when death arrives people often mourn the loss of their loved ones in a traditional way. However, in the recent years a number of people have started to shift their traditions when it comes to holding a funeral for their dead towards a celebration of life. A new and popular way to send loved ones to the other side is by having a destination funeral.

What is a Destination Funeral?

Before their eventual deaths, there are many people who now plan for their own funeral. Non-traditional funeral planning has become a trendy thing among funeral professionals. One of the more popular options recently is destination funeral planning. This innovative funeral planning style is likened to the popularity of destination weddings. People plan ahead of time where they want their body to rest forever. For those who require financial assistance they can use the dwp contact number to ask about funeral payment plans. In this instance, a destination funeral may not be an option, but there are always unique burial options that can be considered locally. This could include scattering the ashes in a local park or river.

Tips and Reminders for Destination Funeral Planning

Planning for this kind of funeral event can be difficult and tiresome. This is why for those who wish to make sure that their family will honor their wish of a funeral destination, should prepare and plan ahead. Here are some tips for planning a destination funeral:

Final Resting Place – Before anything else, those who are planning for a destination funeral for themselves, or for their loved ones, should decide where they want to go. Are they going to bury the deceased’s ashes on a mountain? Or, are they going to scatter his or her ashes in the ocean? This is an important decision, because all other aspects of the event will rely heavily on the destination. For example, transportation of the body or ashes, airline tickets, accommodation, documentation, and more, all depend on the location of the funeral.

Transportation and Documentation – Travelling to a destination with ashes or a body can be troublesome, if not impossible, without the proper documents. It is important for the planning individuals for the funeral to know what documents they need in advance. It is important to contact the airline company for the documents and conditions they may set for a dead body. They will require that the body has been embalmed and have legal papers and licenses to move the body. A funeral home can assist with the paperwork necessary to transport the body. As for urns containing cremated remains, some airlines will accept the urns as luggage or a carry-on.

The Funeral – To complete the whole plan, it is important to include the preference of the deceased person when it comes to the eulogy and memorial service. This includes the people invited to the event; including the choir, minister, honorarium and more. At a destination funeral the memorial is typically far simpler. It often will take places at a beach, in a park, on a boat, or other outdoor location. Typically only the closest family members travel to a destination funeral. A few speeches may be given, prayers read, or music played, but the funeral service is typically quite short and simple.

Transporting the ashes or body of a deceased person can be a challenging act for the family and friends. However, honouring the dead and his or her final wishes to rest in a place where he or she selected is also important. If you are considering a destination funeral it is helpful to pre-plan the event prior to the person’s passing. However, if this is not possible it is still an option. We recommend having a funeral home in your town, or at the destination, assist you with the preparation.


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