Writing A Eulogy For A Grandmother

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Writing A Eulogy For GrandmotherPay your respects to a remarkable woman by writing a eulogy for a grandmother. Your grandmother has experienced and accomplished a lot in her life and it is important that this is recognized through a eulogy. Her sibling or child may deliver a eulogy, but as a grandchild you knew your grandmother differently and can share a unique perspective on her life.

A funeral and eulogy for a grandmother may be different than that of a younger person. People may feel that if your grandmother was older then their passing was inevitable. However, no matter what the person’s age, it is important to take the time to acknowledge their accomplishments and pay tribute to their life.

When writing a eulogy for a grandmother begin by dispelling from the mind of your listeners that your grandmother has just reached her inevitable end of life.  To do this, you will want to minimize your talk about her passing.  Don’t write an introduction that sounds like you are talking about someone who is deceased and how sad you and your family are about this event.  Your are there to pay tribute to their life and should focus on the positives.

Make the people at the funeral feel like your grandmother is sill alive by zeroing-in on her accomplishments – family, friends, education, and business.  Talk about her family who has been nourished by her through all these years.  Add a point or two about how her childhood made her the graceful woman that she was. You should also tell stories and share memories about significant accomplishments and events in her life.

You will also want to talk about her virtues and values. Your listeners will surely be waiting to hear about the things that mattered most to your grandmother – and hopefully learn a lesson or two.  For this, you may need to speak to other family and friends to learn more about your grandmother.  Most importantly you will want to write the eulogy from your heart. Simply express to the audience how much she meant to you.

Sample Eulogy:

My grandmother lived her life with dignity and respect. She had a difficult childhood growing up poor on a farm. However, this taught her a lot about discipline, handwork and respect. She worked hard and saved up enough money to go to college and received a teaching degree. Dorothy was a high school history teacher for 40 years. She loved her work and her students loved her.

Personally my grandmother’s life was as successful as her career. My grandmother raised five children, two girls and three boys, and had 8 grandchildren. She was a family person and kept in touch with all of her relatives. She would always be able to tell you what any aunt, uncle or even a second cousin was up to. She also had an immense love and respect for all of her friends. She often had garden parties and had her friends over to read, knit or bake.

My grandmother was married for over 60 years and had a storybook marriage. My grandfather and her enjoyed to travel and when they were 50 purchased a RV. When her and my grandfather both retired they spend half of the year on the road travelling around the southern United States.

My grandmother lived her life to the fullest and I learned a lot from her. Her family, friends and past students will miss her dearly. Today let’s celebrate the wonderful life that she lived. I am honored to get to speak about my grandmother today. She was a caring woman who I will miss greatly.


You should now have a better understanding of what is included in a eulogy. Writing a eulogy for a grandmother can be an emotional task, but shouldn’t be a difficult one. Think about what made her a special person and share your fond memories with your audience. For more help, read our other articles on writing eulogies.


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